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Default Re: Real life farming?

Originally Posted by Ox'bane View Post
i earn 631.50 dolar a month.

welcome to brasil.
Dang! No wonder you hate us!

As of January 2018, minimum wage in Canada = $14.00/hour. If you are in college, I suggest you not to spend too much time playing Lineage2, but focus on your study. Lots of skilled trade jobs like electricians, mechanics, plumbers and carpenters...etc. are open in Canada with the entry level pay of $25~$35/hour ($1 USD = $1.25 CAD) due to the baby boomers retiring.
The income tax is heavy though. Average Canadians make about $78,000 CAD a year and pay about $30,000 for the income tax.
An apartment in Toronto = $1,000~1,200(1 bedroom) a month, grocery = $300~$400 a month on average.

Get a degree in skilled trade and move to Canada?

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