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Default Re: Real life farming?

Originally Posted by Sphryx View Post
He is bitter. XD

Brazilian here. I am a student and I don't have to pay for my university, because I didn't waste my time with a game and studied hard for a scholarship.

People here are fine earning almost nothing per month, but still they come here to cry about how they don't have money. All I have to say to these people is: improve yourselves! Lazy people!!!!
like i said i dont hate them cos the money, already said that my life is good like 3 times on this thread. and now u call me bitter, roflmao dude...... let me put this way, what they did so far was talking about how much money they used and how bad they used it. thats why i dont like them, i already said that too like 2000000 times(seeker even tried to forum warrior znipo/daiko once and others pro archers on forum, and got his *** burned, he spent a car on a toon that he showed he dont understand, same goes for miso, that i m pretty sure he cant beat socketka or mixa).

roflmao, now about my time on earth, graduated in technical business administration by efg sebrae, dropped 2 federals, got 820 on enem and never applied for a scholarship dude, i rather not do it,

first tried computer science at ufla(gaveup cos i didnt had the maturity to live by mylsef) than enter Social Communication at pucminas (jornalism=when I realized that I was too smart to walk with such people) haha human sciences ppl are such a pile of garbage and guess what dont let me start on the students of federal colleges, than i went to commercial programming at ifmg just to end up at puc minas information systems current at 7 period with average 7.63 with only class time without ever having to study not even 1 hour out of college.

like u said on other post of urs, u earn way more than 650 dolar a month and now you claim u are a state weight, man...............................................

i dont know u and i already know that you're just one more BRAZILIAN WAY.
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