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Default Re: IB4 Post update QQs

Originally Posted by AnotherSorc View Post
omg Kindergarden....

Stop acting like a little kid and if you got something to say, just ***ing do it already!

I told you 2 pages before to post those mysterious top secret screens that you were babbling about. Now I repeat it: Post whatever u think makes me a hypocrite. Yeah you see I'm already so much in panic, lolz
Also POST what "dislike" or hatelist I have on facebook... FYI: I log into facebook once every few weeks to post there some Thrash Metal videos or Anti Naz1 Songs and that's it.

PS: Say your ***ing Nick or shut the F up and stop your cryptic attention whor_eing ty
How many people are left in Husaria? 3, 4, 5? another one went out a couple of days right? ^^ I wouldn't call this a sinking ship, though it looks more like a graduation from the looney bin lol
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