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Default Magic Crit Rate

Hi guys,

I am looking for an official answer if anyone can provide regarding M.Crit Rate.

I read all arround the forums that the M.Crit Rate is caped at 32%.

Many people say that you don't need more than 320 M.Crit on PLAYER STATUS WINDOW, to reach the 32% Cap for max M.Crit Rate.

However the player status can have crit rate up to 500....

Does the 500 MCrit on player status represent the 32% M.CritRate Cap?
or 320 on player status represents the 32% M.CritRate?


if MCrit 500 = 32% Crit Rate
then 320 MCrit = 20.48% Crit Rate.

So whats the deal here?
We should have 320 or 500 Mcrit to get the 32% McritRate?

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