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Originally Posted by AnotherSorc View Post
In the not so distant past, Mcrit was capped to 50% (500 MCritRate)


With 320 MCrit you will crit 32%
With 500 MCrit you will also crit 32%
So by what you say I understand that for offensive skills (nukes).....
every 10 MCrit reflects to 1% of crit rate, all the way until you reach 320 where its meaningless beyond that. - Correct?

So if the above is correct, is this example is applied???
200 MCrit represents 20% crit rate, and accordingly 253 MCrit represents 25.3% MCrit Rate? - Correct?

1. We know feohs will get some love in the next update, do we have any intel that the cap maybe is removed (or increased) on the "Grand Crusade" update? Have a 20% mcrit rate augment and I am really confused as if I should keep this or remove it now its a free augment removal period to try for some crit dmg instead

2. How about healling crit rate? Defenintelly some other model is applied on HEALS compared to offensive skills (nukes)... Heal crit rate is insaine compared to nuke crit rate. Heals utilize the 500 and nukes 320 or both 320 but heals has some probability multiplier that makes it insaine? How much crit rate the 320 represents on heals and how much on 500? Is heals capped?

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