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Default Re: I've got some questions about evisc!

Originally Posted by FidgitTheClown View Post
this class is powerful.
however, you will be very annoyed in the pve capability.
single hits are strong, but you lack aoe which hastens xp.

i personally get annoyed by the Swishy energy that follows them and the distortion in their attacks.
it gets really annoying and i can't play with them anymore.
Yes, their lack of AOE makes them a hard sell for any group (really, I think literally every other class in the game can AOE better than either erthea).

The lack of half kills also makes them not get invited to a lot of single target groups either.

But for raid bosses? Pretty awesome DPS.

For PvP they are really easy to get you to "mid level" success. People don't pay attention, don't learn classes and skills, and aren't geared the best... so you can just pop steel mind/distortion and the occasional gravity barrier and plow through them.

But to go beyond that is a different thing altogether. I can absolutely wreck a good number of people just with the above. But there are many who can just sit there, tank the damage, and then just take you apart at their leisure if you try and play that way.
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