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Default Re: Question about clan banner?

I recall 4 or so years ago there were lots of threads on orphus and here about how you can make transparent emblems. So unless they have changed emblems since prelude/C1, then yes, there is a way.

Ok, I've not tested this, so I'm not sure it will still work. Give it a shot.

  • Use an image editing application (like photoshop) to make an image with 1 transparency layer, and save it as a gif.
  • Once you have a gif image, which isn't supported by L2, you have to convert it into bmp.
  • Open up MS paint, and load the gif. Save the image as a 256 color bmp.
Note: when opening the .gif in MS paint it will have a white background. Don't worry, it should come out as transparent in the game after its loaded. It will not be transparent when you target someone and look at the box with the clan crest and their name, but it will on the screen in normal view.

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