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Originally Posted by mixa View Post

Here comes the biggest greed-inspired idiotism ever existed on the retail servers of L2 - ever!
A new type of enchant scrolls have been introduced into the game - Destruction enchant scrolls.By it basic means thats not bad if these are uber-rare items, since even if you fail enchanting an item with them it wont crystalize, it wont even revert it enchant value.
But NCSoft decided to put them for REAM MONEY TRADE with the so called Destiniy Pack.

This have crossed the line between balanced buyable items and real disbalance.Players who could afford it bought 20-25 Destiny packs and made +15 weapons with these (or saved them to make +15 ones of higher grade).Having for example +15 apocalypse weapon will boost your dmg so much that you`ll be a monster at both pvp and pve.
As far as I know you can't buy endless NC Coins... you got a limit and based on that limit you can't really OE your items
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