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Default Re: Truly Free or Truly Paid?

I do understand that NC needs to sell to have an income but i think a different approach would be better for the players on the server.

In my humble opinion the xp related items should be 5 times cheaper so they become more accessable for many more people and it might even increase the amount of people buying by more then 5 times and in this case better for players and ncsoft.

All the items related to gear etc which makes a character 'stronger' should simply not be sold coz even more then xp difference this imbalances the servers completly.

A suggestion for ncsoft, try to add more accessoires without special function which only can be bought ( CHEAP ) through store and which are not available in game,add special horses, add item change coupons which would change appearance of weapons / armors etc but not the stats.

There are many ways for ncsoft to make $ just try to do it without making people leave coz they feel the game gets even more imbalanced by each store update.
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