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Lothlian will become famous soon enoughLothlian will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Chronicles of Llothlian

The sword slipped in his opponents grip as blood trickled onto the hilt from a wound on his arm. One of the wounds on his arm. It was hardly a fight; the younger man wasn’t even a challenge. It would end soon, but he was having too much fun toying with the swordsman.

Taking advantage of his opponents mistake he feigned to the right, then brought his off hand blade down to strike at the pommel of the unbalanced steel, sending it clattering across the stone floor.

“**** you!” the young man exclaimed as he dropped to one knee and rolled away. It was almost over, with his main weapon out of reach the opponent would not last much longer.

He allowed the other fighter to regain his feet, raising an eyebrow as he switched his short sword to his main hand and drew his belt dagger with his off hand.

“You have lost a lot of blood, most likely bleeding to death and you do not have your weapon. Why do you fight on?” The older man asked.

“Without victory there is nothing! Defend yourself!” He said launching into a series of brutal attacks. The older combatant parried or evaded each and every attack. A fresh gash across his opponents’ ribs and deep laceration on his left bicep as his sword drew blood once more.

“Quarter! I yield!” The young man shouted, before dropping to the floor in a heap.

“Elder get him to the infirmary, do not Heal him but bring him around.”


The first thing Llothlian felt upon waking on the hard bed was the fire in his side. He had been defeated. Defeated badly. Slowly examining his wounds he realised he was unlikely to see another sunrise without aid. He had hardly noticed them in the heat of the battle.

“What did you learn?” The Master who had beaten him asked.

“You are too fast. I cannot hit you.”

“Is that all? You disappoint me. Remember my words!”

His words? What in the hells is he talking about? He said hardly two words during the entire fight. Slowly realisation dawned on him. “If you want the swords, you must take them from me.” The master had told him before they fought.

“May I have the swords?” Llothlian asked tentatively.

“So you do learn. Not all battles may be won with swords. That is your first lesson. Learn it well, or no matter how well you learn the Dances you will end in a shallow grave.” The master explained. “Elder Heal him. You,” pointing to the red livered servant “fetch Llothlians' new Katana and Wakizashi.”
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