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Default Re: P.critical Damage / P.SKILL critical Damage

This test has nothing to do with daggers since they tested with an archer.

P crit dmg Do Affect you'r "Skill" crit dmg! you can just notice it when u get the "counter crit dmg" buff you just hit 2x more dmg to anyone or mobs bcz it gives 100% crit dmg boost.

So yeah you need to boost ur crit dmg and skill crit dmg as much as you can because both work for skills!

but difference btw both "skill crit dmg" and "crit dmg" is hard to say for a dagger, maybe its just for the other claas that it matters ( other claas crit dmg is only auto hits)

And about p skill crit rate, Daggers crit skill chance is already very high from base with buffs/self buffs etc so DEX is not really a matter, without any dex boost u will crit a skill like 90% of time so don't even bother with DEX. better boost ur STR bcz it gives "CRIT DMG"
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