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Default Re: P.critical Damage / P.SKILL critical Damage

The test made by Juji on archer is interesting for daggers because it shows the influence of DEX on skill passive armor mastery and on p.skill critcal rate.
Yulls and othells have same passive skill superior light armor mastery.

The 4 skills type blow attack from othell are critical hit, but not SKILL critical hit, and the rate is not 90%! Imo p.skill critical rate for daggers with basic stat is around 20% with buffs.
P.critical damage boosts are good but now it is not enough in pvp i think. Since IO update, othells deal a lot less of damages for many reasons :
-passive skills are not enchantable anymore and actives skills are hard and expensive to enchant again to +20 (old +10)
-a lot of class have better pdef
-new items wich give critical damage reductions

Actually to be efficient in pvp othells have to deal the maximum damage possible in one hit, and i think P.Skrill critical hit is the key.

In an open pvp 1v1 vs a good healer with good stun resist, even if you deal good damage it is close to be impossible to kill him, the way is one or two shot him before he fully heals himself,and you have less than 2 seconds.

For yulls i think STR is the way because they can reset cooldown of all their attack skills ( othells only 2) and 2consecutives skills in a really short delay is close the same as a P.SKILL critical hit.
Thx for reading.

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