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Default Re: Aeore Healer cleanse

Originally Posted by Dreamer View Post
Sounds like someone is mad

So basically your role are DoT's (like your Marks) + Exile's?
Excuse me, but aren't DoT's + Retriver also dmg skills? Do your Cougar's/Reapers 0 dmg?
Seriously, if you say that you do 0 dmg with your summons and you wanna focus only with your debuffs, then stop pvping.

PS: Aren't you the one that assume a lot?
Do you know if/how many DEWR i used, if i pvp or not, if our clan pvp's or not?
Sorry, haven't seen you stalking me at every step i do ingame

But still, you are not happy with your Wynn? You feel useless?
-> Feel free to reroll to any of the classes which you think that might be better.
There are many reasons to be mad in this game, You and the rest here are not, seriously.

As far as the Dots are concerned, if you bother reading the skill description, you'll understand that their primary use is not dmg oriented.

there is a certain pattern you need to follow in order to optimize DoT rotation,
Wynns that aimlessly spam DoT(God make them spamable) combining it w/ retriver, clearly have no idea how to play their class.

The only Mark that is purely dmg oriented is mark of plague.

Mark of void imo, should never be used on an enemy.

Mark of trick is there to prevent skill usage

Mark of weakeness is there to ensure Debuff land rate.

I use exile mostly on my TP summon when facing Heavy dps DD, especially when mark of weakness fails to land. (1v1 situation).

But in 7v7 situation, any tactic as wynn is nullified. simply cause mass Pvp is most of the time dumb & srtaightforward Dps race.
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