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Default Re: Aeore Healer cleanse

Originally Posted by Krissa View Post
After all, you are playing a class that is called a "summoner". Not a "debuffer".
Don't tell me what my class can or can't do.
Also, cougars are useless in pvp, due to PvP dmg penalty from c4 & their melee nature which makes them perma kiteable.
Even the "cougar pounce" which is a nice gap-closer skill w/ very low re-use doesn't help, since summons if kited they will never deliver any attack(game mechanic bug since forever).
Moreover, if the target decides to stay put, unless he wears robe the dmg is very low even w/ bow+light+transformation+ str dyes.

The only way to play wynn in pvp is Reapers+mage set-up
Their nukes are quit good, BUT, PvP penalty + long re-use + low magic abilities (you cant increase MC rate more than 160-180 depending the augment/talisman used.)

Maybe at 99 there is room for wynn in PvP due to the "recovery" enchant option, if all skills are +10, but that doesnt make it OK. cause his CC utility will always be nulified by healers.

Wynn Summoners attack from range with magical spells. They summon mighty, free-willed servitors (pets) that are a force to be reckoned with. They provide backup tanking when needed through their summoned servitors and can summon multiple servitors to grab the upper hand in combat.
Wynn Summoners enhance a party's magical attacks by decreasing enemies' resistance to magic or their resistance to debuff abilities. They have mesmerizing abilities that can weaken enemies at range. They use strong debuffs that they can also detonate, dealing massive damage.

Originally Posted by Smittie View Post
Your failure to read doesnt mean I have no arguments bro.
Communicating w/ a brick wall seems easier.
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