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No AOE at 77 with SH. Does not worth it. Grind at tablet (aka vamp spot) till you hit 78 and then you can go to Primeval Isle.

If you can make a party go inside Lost Nest and AOE groups.

If you cant just go to plains and solo.

Number of mob groups you can AOE inside nest depends on gear and party setup. A good setup can make some decent XP _but_ if not geared / buffed properly and not in a good party / spot, long therm you won't get any better XP than solo at plains. Better XP won't compensate for some random deaths from REX / bad re spawns / to much running around / etc / etc

I can assure you about that because i was comparing the XP i was getting at solo spot at plains with the xp some lousy parties were getting inside nest. Most of the times efficiently playing at plains would net greater xp in the same time (from loging in till loging out counting time to make party etc / etc)

As for the setup for AOE at Nest there are some combination's depending to gear / levels.

I have seen ppl level solo with oop buffs from 3 buffers (level 82 StS on uber gear)
I have seen parties with 1 EE 1 MM 1 StS (oop domi buffs)
I have seen parties with 1 DOMI pulling and 2 nukers
I have seen parties with 1 SE 1 tank and 2 nukers
I have seen parties with 1 BD and 2 nukers (oop SE Buffs)
I have seen parties with 1 necro 1 StS 1 MM (oop buffs)

Note that there are some spots under specific trees that boost your mp regen. If you can have a puller stay there with nukers waiting for the 2-3 groups. Always watch out for the T-REX.

In general you ll have to try it out and see what works best for you.

Another AOE possibility would be a tank or a domi running trough aggro mobs at plains and 1 or 2 nukers killing. Depending on gear a healer may / may not be needed. Also again depending on buffs / gear a second nuker may not be needed. Best setup would be a good domi pulling and then hold / silence and an StS AOE. Herb drops are more than needed and most efficient way would be to turn everything on when AOE nuking (Seed of Wind / Empowering Echo / Arcane Power) the group. If done correct no healer needed and mp / hp herbs would be more than enough to make over for hp / mana. About 4 Tempest / Flash skills should be needed to kill a group of 10-15 dinos.

Before Hi5 Primeval Isle had so many ppl that leveling sucked in general as the only mage spot for 78-80. Now with the revamped DV and ppl unstuck from 78-79-80-81 Primeval Isle should be less crowded.
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