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Default Re: Changes to Raid Bosses

Originally Posted by Power View Post
Because you really think that ppl that farming RB's came to kill them on PvP mood ?

You (aka randoms/casuals players) are the only one to come with non optimized PvE party. They don't come with Archer / Feoh / Saya Seer to kill rb's. Usually came with Titans / Sumonners / Evicerators, with full PVE items.

So you could kill them way more easier, especially if they have sos up, coz their healer couldn't heal them correctly.

Saying "they come full stacked PvP toons" is not a solution. You cannot outdamage them in PvE ? Then come with 14 ppl to get the looting privilege. They are 14 ? Then come with 15 in CC !
There is thousand of smart way to get them. But you are too lazy for that. So you only complaining, and now we got this shield and randomizer spawn ... That's will faked up any chance for non top clan to kill them.

Be happy guys, your complain faked up all of us.
I saw this scenario too many times to count belive me or not, coming and pk everyone and then kill raids fast, i'm sorry your ideas are not working so well, time is also what make CC's to fail(time to find ppl for raid, classes suited for that job and so on) meanwhile stacked cp is coming and if there is any competition there they pk ppl to make them quit and start doing RB fast. I don't want to start an argue with you or anyone else is just what i saw many times.
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