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Default Re: Changes to Raid Bosses

Originally Posted by Neutron View Post

For some time now, raid bosses have been hoarded by a small number of players making it extremely difficult for anyone else to participate in this content or gain any rewards and gear upgrades.

In Salvation - First Chapter field raids will be changed to help address this.

1.) The re-spawn time on field raid bosses will be randomized much more so that predicting the spawn will be more difficult.

2.) Lv. 100+ Field raid bosses will now have a shield that requires a minimum number of hits to break through or the raid will fail. These raid bosses will be much more difficult to kill with small groups.

With these changes, certain class and item builds designed to farm this content may no longer be viable the same as it was before.

We also recognize that some players may have come to depend on the income generated by this and may be negatively impacted by the changes, once the update is released.

As we have learned from recent changes, giving a short amount of warning time can lead to a lot of frustration. Going forward we want to make sure aqueduct warning is provided when changes happen that could drastically change the way the game works.

We hope that you will understand these kinds of changes are intended to improve the overall game experience for all players. Please let us know your feedback on these changes once they are live and if there are still issues with the re-spawn timers or issues with raid boss farmers.

Thank You
the only way that everyone has the opportunity to kill these raid bosses, would be to become instances like kamaloca, you may die in the attempt to achieve your intention, but these people will use 3d party programs to know when to attack, and will continue to monopolize the matter
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