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Default Re: Changes to Raid Bosses

Originally Posted by S3shat View Post
I saw this scenario too many times to count belive me or not, coming and pk everyone and then kill raids fast, i'm sorry your ideas are not working so well, time is also what make CC's to fail(time to find ppl for raid, classes suited for that job and so on) meanwhile stacked cp is coming and if there is any competition there they pk ppl to make them quit and start doing RB fast. I don't want to start an argue with you or anyone else is just what i saw many times.
That's because you are not prepared for that, why are you waiting the RB spawn to make a party and looking for ppl ?

You KNOW that the respawn time is 22h straight. The RB's got killed at 22:03 ? Then tomorrow he will spawn exactly at 20:03. Simple. Wait on spot will all ppl already ready to kill it at least 10 minutes before the spawn time !

Thoses guys that killing RB's, delay sometimes the RB's. Because of the 22H spawn time they got Gainak / Lilith / Anakim / Dragon / Turakan / Isabella / Mimir / 4 Orcs up in same time. So they delay .. 10/20/30 min, sometimes 1h !

And if you try, on each RB's spawn, you will probably fail sometimes, but you will also sometimes kill one or two. And don't give up. That was the only way to get them ...

You got PK ? And then ? come with a box healer, rez your party healer, and start again, they cannot pk 30 ppl permanently. That's all, if you give up, that's YOUR fault, not them. Don't expect to get anything without a fight, without working hard on it.
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