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Default Re: Changes to Raid Bosses

Originally Posted by hlasnieves1 View Post
the only way that everyone has the opportunity to kill these raid bosses, would be to become instances like kamaloca, you may die in the attempt to achieve your intention, but these people will use 3d party programs to know when to attack, and will continue to monopolize the matter
Casual players, go away. You wanna feel all the game content without giving any effort for that ? Go play Terra. That's for you. Don't play on a korean farming game aka hard core mmo.

You don't wanna invest your time on it, so why should we change the game to suit you ?

And what the point with the 3rd party programs ? If the shield is not destroyed in 15s, his HP refill at the maximum ... If they wait until the last hit, ppl that made the most damages will get the drops ... So what the point of "know when to attack" ?
3rd party programs, 3rd party programs, you all have only this word in your mouth when you get killed, and they killing the RB's ... But you should know that there is not only 1 guy that killing RB's. There is 1 or 2 CP's (Aka 7 to 14 active ppl). This mean 14 to 28 and probably 32 toons running around the RB's following them. Full of sos / br / pom / cripling dance / dagger / healer ... This mean they using 3rd party programs because they are organized for that ?
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