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Default Discussion: Lindvior Patch Notes

Please use this thread for discussion about the Lindvior Patch Notes

DO NOT go off-topic or derail the thread with new information from the next update.

Player Questions Already Answered:

Originally Posted by whooo View Post
The problem where castle siege rules were overwritten by clan war declaration rules (PKing 5 members of an opposing clan) has finally been fixed.
this means that i can kill anyone on fort and blood dead counter stay in 5? i mean in siege zones that 5kills system not works?
and other question: current clan wars will be canceled, or there will be something like with blood death/declaration. if no pvp activity in 1week then war stops or so?
As long as you're in a siege zone fight, the counter should stay at 5.

I will double-check to see what happens with existing clan wars.

Originally Posted by Illogical View Post
3) Do Dwarfs that aren't Tyrr Maestro lose their ability to craft? Are the recipes in there craft book being destroyed or refunded? A friend of mine has a old Maestro he awakened as a Wynn (because he already had a Tyrr to play with) and has a book full with recipes. He's afraid his efforts were in vain.
It depends on the type of recipe your friend has since you can get a replacement reward. Check the crafting system notes.

What will happen to 2nd/3rd class Summoner pets and the previous Wynn Summoner pets?
All the servitors from your 2nd/3rd class as well as the existing awakening ones (Bear, Reaper, Cougar) will remain on your character.

Originally Posted by Mileine View Post
Dark Eternal (PvP) When you have equipped all 5 armor, you will receive 20% damage deduction from players.
Bloody Eternal (PvE) When you have equipped all 5 pieces, you will receive 20% damage deduction from NPC, increased attack damage by 5%, increased magic attack damage by 10%.
about blood eternal the 5% p atk and 10% m atk is just against npc or is applied for players too?
20% is the total amount you get when the entire armor set is equipped. Each piece has their own amount, EX: Bloody Eternal Breastplate has 8% decrease in damage from NPC. The P. Atk. +5% and M. Atk. +10% are standard stats and are not restricted to PvP or PvE.

Originally Posted by Laby View Post
Does the number of SP required for Skill enchantment has been decreased aswell ?

Originally Posted by Laby View Post
Tradeable so ? I see no mention of "Can not be tradded, dropped, exchanged and so"
The new unbind scrolls are tradable as well as the Superior Giant's Codex.

Originally Posted by iNoisia View Post
Question for Juji, is possible be Wynn Elemental Master if my race is Dark Elf?
Yes, if you are already a Wynn Summoner before Lindvior launches, then you will get Chaos Essence to change into new specialized classes.

Originally Posted by Aconyte View Post
will certain imbalancing 2nd and 3rd class skills be finally removed with this update?
or we'll be stuck with certain overpowered class setups (such as Hell Knights with their reflects, light elf summoners with their summons buffs, etc.) for a couple more updates?
No, those skills will not be deleted, that is how the devs designed it.

Originally Posted by Dangelo View Post
any news on the iss enchanter orc patch note and immortal scrolls?
The patch note is for Iss Orc Enchanters that want to specialize in the Iss Dominator or Iss Doomcryer class. We're doing more testing on the immortal scrolls for further clarification about enchanted skills.

Originally Posted by Dangelo View Post
"melody, Harmony, and Sonata of Iss Enchanter Orcs will be deleted" Both classes? Dominators and Doomcryers? I don't understand, they are not going to be buffers anymore?
The buffs will be replaced with new ones if you choose to specialize in Iss Dominator.

Originally Posted by Dawe View Post
Revelation Skills - You can reset "Revelation Skill" through "Monk of Chaos" by paying 100 million Adena. However, all Chaos Pomanders will be consumed. (If Chaos Pomanders will be consumed that would mean that you could not re-aquire the revelation skills... Is my translation corect? "However, all Chaos Pomanders must be consumed.")
You pay the Adena and it resets your skills, giving you two Chaos Pomanders. If you already have 2 Pomanders in your inventory, then it won't work.

Originally Posted by Dawe View Post
Dimmensional Siege - The information about the Dimmensional Siege is missing.
This kind of system needs thorough testing, which is why you do not see it in the patch notes. Information about it will be revealed when it is ready.

Originally Posted by Dawe View Post
The bug, that some vit. items should remain after death, but they did not has been finally fixed?
The Vitality Recovery Potion will now remain after death. You can still lose the Vitality Maintaining Potion 1-hour and XP Buff 50% if you die.

2) What happens/happened to certain Race Skills? Are skills like Dark Pressence and Life Siphon totally removed from the game? What is the reason for this? Especially those skills made Dark Elfs stand out. Also... Currently the Race Skill 'Sharpness' adds 208 P.Crit and M.Crit Damage to Dark Elfs. In Lindvior the skill is changed to 1% bonus. Is the 1% bonus equal to this 208 bonus or is it increased?
Dark Presence and Life Siphon have been removed. The dev team does not give us the exact reasons why they remove certain skills from the game. The Sharpness skill changed to 1% from 208, it’s not the same.

Immortal Scrolls tradable?
Not tradable.

The Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread skill de-buffs can now be removed.
The Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread can no longer be deleted by Healers.
Tested the skill debuffs, none of them can be removed.

Wild Roar (Active) - P. Atk. +30%, P. Critical +120, and Critical Damage +30%.
This is the correct skill description, it is NOT P. Atk. +120.

Does the Savage buff transfer to pets when used, or it's character only?
The stats from Savage buff do transfer over to pets.

Originally Posted by KingBuff View Post
Either use [Attribute Stone Fragments] them on existing bound items or they become useless.
Correct. Bound items on characters aren't being removed, so the attribute stone fragments will still have some use.

Originally Posted by Truxardor View Post
Does this mean that while you have vitality weapons, armors and pouches wont drop? Or is it that the drop rate bonus(actually normal drop rate since being vit less would nerf drop) of having vitality will be removed?
It's just for those pouches that drop when you have vitality.

Originally Posted by BurnCycle View Post
So if you can't get [Rare Crystal Fragments] it from crystallizing, is there any new way to get it or they simply turn into even rare item?
There's no new way that I found. You'll still be able to get them from drops.

Originally Posted by Chibiusa View Post
what about Tyrr maestro? i tought we getting Golem Transformation back... :S
You don't get 2nd/3rd class skills back when you awaken into Tyrr Maestro.

Originally Posted by GoddessCandy View Post
Juji, Does this mean if I have 2.1 billion SP now after update it get reduce by 210M SP point? Or stay at 2.1B SP
The amount of SP you have will be reduced to 1/10 of that amount after the update.

Originally Posted by BornInHell View Post
Juji can you tell me what is going to be max attack speed? Currently we have 1,5k however with a simple Haste SA you can get to max speed. After lindvior they introduce additional attack speed skill, e.g. tyrr's fury that absorbs hp upon use, so the question is is there any change regarding max attack speed.
It's still 1500 max atk. spd. and 500 crit. rate.

Originally Posted by Dingel View Post
i would like to know wat will happen with the 3 cubics of knight and the fairy of life skill...
Fairy of Life does not count as a cubic for Knight, so it won't cancel any of the 3 cubics.

Originally Posted by Sitch View Post
Just a quick question: is that the only skills that will be added that u wrote ? or for example Kamael TYRR DOOMBRINGER will get light armor mastery as a main armor ? because doombringer suppose to wear light .
No, you can still use heavy armor.

Originally Posted by BurnCycle View Post
Does this build include the chance of Elcyum and Elcyum crystals dropping from Raid Bosses?

Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
juji i have a question, the kamaels have the same subclass/dual class limitations on lindvior?, because i have a kamael main feoh, an dual iss (from judicator) and when i try to cancel my dual i have 3 options (tyrr, yull and feoh again). after lindvior lunches the kamaels have option to change the dual for other class?
There are no more limitations on Dual Class for Kamaels. Subclass still has limitations.

Originally Posted by Cndy5 View Post
i have one question juji if i start a new toon from scratch can i get a mentor at lvl 2 it doesn't say in the patch notes (eg i have lvl 90 Tyrr would i be able to mentor a toon at lvl 2
No, to mentor you need to be level 85.

Originally Posted by Vincen† View Post
1 So, If I take a new hairstyle means that I won't be able to equip one hair acessory (like... dunno, romantic chapeau) or it means I will be able to equip it but just the hairstyle will be visible?
2 Haha, what will happen with those wigs? Now they are the free new hairstyles? :P (That about use ncoins for appearences... come on...)
3 How dex will influence daggers skills? Just improve the change of critical skills or something else like dmg power in normal skills?
4 Yes, I want to know too: the cube of the shillien templar remove just p.def or m.def too? (Once the Lightning Root add power in m.atk)
5 About those new skills for all classes. I know daggers will lose plunder (just fortune seeker will keep it), btw, to learn some skills, we will need give up of others?
Example: Now othells have evasive counter (is kinda mix of mirage, dodge and counter), I will just learn one more skill based in the class I Take (evasive counter + new one) or I will be forced to delete it and pick a new one?
1. A new hairstyle will just overwrite anything you have on. If you equip a Party Hat +3 STR with the new hairstyle, then your party hat won't show up. The stats will still apply to your character though.
2. Wigs are no more since you can get the styles in the Beauty Shop.
3. There are a lot of changes in Lindvior for all classes. I cannot say without testing thoroughly if DEX will increase damage power for normal skills.
4. It says in the skill description for Hex Cubic in-game that it only reduces enemy P. Def.
5. Learning new skills will not make you give up others unless you are Orc Iss Enchanter awakening into Iss Dominator (your buffs get replaced).

Originally Posted by Pleistoros View Post
The main class must change to a new awakened class in order for the dual class to change to a new awakened class as well.
1. Choose your new Awakening class on your main first.
2. Sayune back to Talking Island Village to switch to your Dual Class (cannot switch classes in Reliquary of Giants).
3. Go back to Reliquary of the Giants and awaken your Dual Class into your new class.

Originally Posted by farmer20037 View Post
Hi vin/ say that baium,frinteza,aq, baium we can enchant it with a this bottle will be aquired?epic bosses like aq,baium,frinteza will be harder?also how we can get Eternal Enhancement Stone.Also iss dominator that you delete sonats melodies etc with the new replacement skills will do for ex sonatas to all clan members or harmony wizard to all?looking for your answers
The Bottles will drop from the raid bosses. Iss Dominator buffs are only for clan members and won't work on anyone that isn't in your clan.

Originally Posted by Illogical View Post
Does this means that Elycium has no effect on Unbinding using the Unbind Scroll from the Mentee Shop?
That is correct.

Originally Posted by Dagga View Post
I heard that DEX will have an impact on Blow type damage in lindvior. Is it what you mean by this sentence?
I need to check.

Originally Posted by Pleistoros View Post
We have added a new item, "Divine Protection Elixir" that has similar effects with "Art of Seduction."Divine Protection Elixir" item effects: Maximum HP, MP, and CP increase by 30% for 30 minutes. Defense and Magic Defense increase by 30%. Cannot use Olympiad. Can use Ceremony of Chaos, cooldown is 5 minutes. Art of Seduction buff: For 20 minutes, increases party members' Max HP, MP, CP, P. Def., and M. Def by 30%, Speed by 20, P. Atk. by 10%, and M. Atk. by 20%. Decreases MP consumption for skill use by 15%. Reuse delay 40 minutes. Consumes 10 Rose Essence(s) during skill use.
i guess the correct form its not "similar", it is "do not stack"...right?or?
Art of Seduction will overwrite the Divine Protect Elixir.

Originally Posted by nunorocha View Post
I am on my main Dark Elf ISS Enchanter, after Lindvior if i choose Iss Doomcryer or Iss Sword Muse my appearance will change for the race i choose?
No, your race appearance will stay the same.

Originally Posted by Toppie View Post
As maestro i stockpiled alot of uni armor / weapons / juwelry ..
what happens when the new update goes live .. they dissapear or do i have to open them all before the update ?
They will just stay in your warehouse/inventory. Unidentified items won't be removed from players and they will still function the same way.

Originally Posted by Davina View Post
ok question, I was a Maestro. I went tank at awakening. I will only have the option to reawaken as one of the tank classes? or will I be able to reawaken as a tyrr? im concerned about loosing my siege weapon summons. atm they are race skills, will they stay with me if i stay a tank?
You can only awaken now into other tank classes. Tyrr Maestros get the siege weapon skills when they awaken into that class. You won't lose your siege weapons though if you awaken into a new knight class. Tested again. You do lose your siege weapons when specializing into another class

Originally Posted by Zazie View Post
Trying to test "Siege Golem's Spirit". Tool tip doesn't say but is this siege only? Do I have to have a golem summoned first or what.
I have crystals/gems of a few different grades as well
Can only be used during sieges.

Originally Posted by Sephitro View Post
Quote :
Wild Roar (Active) - P. Atk. +30%, P. Critical +120, and Critical Damage +30%.
Any info about duration and reuse time ?
Does it only apply when using fist weapon ?
If tyrr Grand Khavatari can have this buff constantly and with any weapon I can see no reason in choosing any other tyrr class !
The skill can be used with any weapon, it has a duration of 1 minute, and the cooldown time is 10 minutes. Wild Roar does not stack with the other Warrior Cries. Cooldown is static.

Originally Posted by NataliePortman View Post
1. Are we getting a PTS to test stuff ourselves? Possibly a direct copy of our current chars to a pts server? I'm guessing the answer is no once again. Considering this is one of the biggest updates that directly affects the player, other regions (innova) are having a pts, a pts would have been useful...
2. I am a 99 hell knight that kept reflect damage from 1st/2nd class change and never learned the replacement awakened skill. If i choose to re-awaken as a light elf temple knight version of the new tanks, will my skills be reset to the base skills of a temple knight (hence loosing my old, enchanted hell knight reflect) or will all of my skills stay the same unless they were listed as being deleted (golden lion for example)?
3. Does the new bottles that drop from AQ and Baium drop at 100% rate? Are they tradeable? is it true it only takes 1 bottle per jewel?
4. The L2 store has 100kk SP scrolls for 399 nc coin. after lindivor with the change to SP, are these staying in the store and remaining at 100kk SP?
5. Any chances you decide to come out with any sort of useful L2 store promos (destro scrolls, blessed scrolls, etc.) so that the people who werent lucky enough to be 99 last time these hit the market are left in the dark since then on catching up in gear? You have been on the same joke destiny pack for a while...
6. How much SP is required to learn all new diversification skills to max level for each new class? (learn all new diversification skills to 99) The reason i ask is you are lowering current player Sp to 1/10th, so 2.1bil goes to 210mil sp. The only list i saw with SP costs of new skills had each skill at a 50mil sp cost per level. being 99 and having your 2.1kkk sp turned into 210kk sp if indeed you need to spend 1bil+ sp just to learn everything will suck.
7. Does this update actually get us a functioning power wiki in english?
1. No PTS.
2. 2nd/3rd Class Skills won't be deleted.
3. The bottles drop at a very high rate. They are tradable and you only need 1.
4. SP scrolls will be removed from the store after Lindvior and if you buy them now they will be changed to 10 million in Lindvior.
5. There are always new promos every month, so you just have to wait and see.
6. It's 0 SP at 85 for new skills and then it's like 5 million per skill after that.

7. No.

Originally Posted by Illogical View Post
So it's considered a magic skill but doesn't consume Blessed Spiritshots. So there is a damage nerf, unless Servitor Magic Skills consume Soulshots.
Juji? Explain please. LF Damage output changes etc. No Spiritshot usage and no Soulshot usage upon use of 'Reaper Power' or 'Reaper Touch' means a 200% Damage nerf
The Reaper skills still use the Blessed Beast Spiritshots (no change), which can still be purchased in-game at the pet manager. The NEW servitors will only use beast soulshots.

Originally Posted by -Fana- View Post
Its mean, only 8 hero or 34 hero for olympiad?
34 Heroes.

Originally Posted by KingBuff View Post
Octa/istina crystals are NOT tradeable..
Indeed, the Istina and Octavis Crystals are not tradable.

Originally Posted by EntroX View Post
Will chaotic toons be able to change their class?
Yes, you can still change your class at Hardin if you are chaotic.

Originally Posted by Laby View Post
Do you need either 65 pledge, or 65 sincerity, or 32 spirit, or all of them for one try ?
Updated, you only need to use one type of mark to receive a recipe. Not all three together.

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