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Default Re: Using Windows Vista? Haveing Troubles? ~READ~


wait... nvm.

I don't think you can remove your own posts on the forums here, but if you could, i'd have suggested that it be done.

There isn't vista problems, it's simply being unfamilare with a more secure system, and NCSoft requireing a fair bit MORE Rights and privilages then they should have on a machine. (imo)

I wanted to keep this thread as clean and helpful, as though i haven't a hitch myself related to vista, others not up and up on the vista thing or using older install disks are going to have a hard time. I tried to simplify it with this thread.

Vista faster, more stable, more reliable, then XP will now ever be. It just requires the right installation priseedures and hardware, not some hunk of junk Dell/compaq/hp/gateway or whatever prebuild POS or cheaply built Custom machine.

Anyways, i've recently seen a climb in the number of threads or posts related to vista and granting the correct rights.
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