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Well, as all the other 100 posts of new or returning players, this is another.

At the momment, I'm planning on lvling 2 Dwarf's one for spoil and another for crafting,

I'm thinking of maining my crafting dwarf but not ure yet, I mite end up making a 3rd character for a more useful class for pve, etc etc.

But at the momment my main focus will be my 2 dwarfs.

What I'm looking for is a friendly/helpful clan, who like to lvl with each other and give advice to myself and vice versa.

My first aim is to get 40ish with my Savager/Bounty Hunter, to farm up recipes/mats to make certain gear for my Astain/Warsmith and have money to support my Mech Pets/pots etc etc.

Though not sure I mite just end up subbing healer/buffer classies on my main dwarf or make a different character to DD with.

Anyway, I'm looking for a Clan who be willing to take me in and make a friend/family type of bond with this Clan.

p.s. Yes I know the servers are merging tonight but I got nothing to do at the momment and I mite as well make a post, if the new server forums are posted before anyone replys I will make a new post.

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