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Default Re: How far i can get w/o spending money?

It's so funny to see what the people are able to write down.
"I'm a legit one and I have spent only 50 bucks on this game in 4 years" they say. They don't say "But I wear gear that's worth 2 to 3 trillions". Hoah.

Meh i've played this crap since the closed beta, aka 13 years, and it was impossible, it's impossible, and it will be impossible to farm legally 25-30 bills x month. Unless you think that farming 25-30 bills legally does mean to open your skipe client chitchat for 2 minutes with an rmter and to punch your wallet numbers on the keyboard untill you get those 25-30 billions.
Hit the L2store button harder please.

Where can you go without spending money? lvl 85 with paulina set.
After 30 days you have to push the L2 store button to have a real tw without a real weapon. And before that you have to go to mithril mines on a daily basis just to afford your shots.

The real ******ed are the ones who think we really believe them.
Y in c1 we were used to sell charcoal for 1 billion each so now we are all rich and we can afford a 7 sign talisman for 60 billions for every toon of everyone of our 3 clients.
Well 4 years ago noone could spoil the charcoal anymore. So what ?
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