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Default Re: Lineage II: Salvation Preliminary Patch Notes

Originally Posted by DergeDraconis View Post
Looking for clarification on 2 things;

Drum Melody Edit: Answered my own questions, most effects have been spread throughout the other melodys and sonatas, except it seems P.Def has taken a big dip overall when full buffed?

Edit: Lute and Harp did get mixed in. Ignore that question.
Originally Posted by ******* View Post
Good question, I have no idea what that section in patch note means, could anyone transalte this to English?
I think the correct translation is this two buff got deleted, but the effect of thoses 2 buff is mixed on the 4 others buffs. So we going from 6 buffs to 4 buffs. This 4 buffs in total will have the same effect than the 6 old one.
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