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Default Re: Lineage II: Salvation Preliminary Patch Notes

Originally Posted by Hime View Post
Thank you for all your questions. We will answer the ones we can in the final patch notes.

Also, we understand the format of the preliminary patch notes is not pretty and difficult to read. You hold us to a higher standard and unfortunately, we did not meet or exceed that standard with these notes. The tasks and issues surrounding the Salvation update has not been easy, and while it is no excuse, the issues have made all the work necessary difficult. Thank you all for your patience and the final patch notes will be in a better format.
This is the most comical thing about his whole situation. I don't mean to sound condescending, but did you even have a standard? You are supposed to be a "professional" company that puts out "professional" products to customers. We hold you to a standard than you hold yourself too? That is just a sad statement indeed. This is the worst copy and paste google translate job I've ever seen. Well at least all of it is in English.
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