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Originally Posted by iDoomCraker View Post
lf 2 hrs chysty video
better i need say LF ANY MAX FRAP AFTER THE FIRST 20 MIN, i wanna see how all clan MAX (except vn cp) was constantly runing from town to castle and from town to castle again every 5 min
and dotn come and say "i will upload the video, but i delete the boring parts" and u upload a 30 min video of 2 hrs (making pr after defensive skills lol or just black screen before ur pt die and fast change to another new pvp hahaha )......... cuz seems that in this boring parts u was in areally bad moment

its the same like 2 days ago, MAX make a rush (10 sec celestial + 40 sec tank skill + 40 sec tank skill + 10 sec celestial) after first +-120 sec all clan max down (except vn cp) ( and realmayer cp ... who back and hide inside castle till all clan back from town to castle again) and u need check 2 days ago how many MS and DH grps was there
Both videos is from same siege , 34 mins + 23mins = 57mins u need learn mathimatics ......
About how many cps was there , u have activity problems bro ? Next time bring full your force and not cry in forum ......
U say DH > MAX and MS > NOVA explain me PLEASE how MAX get castle in 22 mins from DH (when MS try FOR 7 OR MORE MONTHS get it from NOVA). MS activity bla bla we are the best we are better than MAX better than NOVA but we not have castle because of the bug with MP REGEN(this is not bug btw he work like that for years the problem is now Mage is op) . In last siege Nova not have peppinio + in DS they not have MP regen and u have full force + truffle group and u still FAIL get the castle .....
Anyway no point agree or dissagre with u , is useless.....
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