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Originally Posted by iDoomCraker View Post
u are who have serious mental issues, first learn how read, 2nd MAX clan are something w/o vn party ? no, even when that party was with bow lv1 was nothing, the proof ? simple, max lose aden. now with bow lv2 the thing changes

3rd. if u call that a pvp video..... , in wich when they dont have more protective skills they just make pr.... okey, its ur opinion. in that video the only fight that this STRONK CP have with off deffensive skills are when they are 3 max cps vs 1

4rd. dont come now and say "im not a max member" i remember ur post little QQer (and all can read it)

conlusion: MAX clan are nothing w/o bow lv2, all this gearred cps like realmayer, IQ etc are kissing the floor so hard, his salvation ? bow lv2 outdamage, IF NOT, lets do a pvp
Pvp is there i think ....... What u play in DS ? tetris ? U play pvp in every DS and FAIL HARD take the castle from NOVA without peppinio and without MP REGEN (i talk about ds ) .........
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