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Default Re: Lv85 feah, where to get 86.

Originally Posted by IronPagoda View Post
85-86 most are still in S gears so no worries.

Swamp dailies/SOA/ harnak party/ and solo swamp

and try out the new daily in aden aswell. dnt know if 85 can survive or not.

ISS+mentor+runes you can get to 86 in no time. 1-2day.
No one wears that after dinging R Grade, unless they don't know better. Most people will buy an Unidentified Immortal Robe set and use that immediately upon dinging. It's too cheap to upgrade. Showing up in Shadow Dynasty Robes cause you "get free R grade at 86" just reeks of laziness.

The OP should just upgrade his robe set. Perception matters and what people see alters their perspective. If they see immortal robes, they might not even notice your dynasty weapon (or may just assume it's a real one with 300 attribute or something). When they see Dynasty they simply assume (likely correctly) that all your gear is bad.

And event Dynasty gear in Harnak's is pretty bad, cause it's 3 grades behind what the zone was balanced/designed to assume.

EDIT: @ SoA: You will get 1 shotted a lot in SoA in that level of gear. MOBs randomly agro and use ranged attacks there.

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