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Default Re: Admins are blind or just dont care about bots?

Originally Posted by Hempo View Post
Yes, i agree with you that if there is more GMs the odds of corruption are bigger, but if this issue have a solution, the solution will be technology, i think the problem is that the bots are always a step forward of NCsoft developers (this is so strange).
In other games this situation seems more controllable.
bots get new updates 1-2 days after new patch, every time game changes something to make life of bot harder , after 1-2 days there is a patch that fix it and you can bot again. Bots are in all games where is profitable to grind all day and sell loot for ingame money for it be sold for cash again, even in path of exile where they wanted to avoid this by making another currency system still there are plenty of websites where you can buy these rare gems and trade for good items in game.

and bots on a field is just part of that problem, bots in CoC, bots in auction house, bots that make other clans impossible to enter instances, so there will not be simple solution, to get rid of money sellers you need to cut they'r profit or else they will find a way to bot again, it is not a joke, you think bots are made by some nerdy teens who has nothing to do in free time? nop these are rly smart and educated people who are doing good business by providing bots to in game currency farmers.

greatest problem of all is that NC is getting good amount of profit out of l2 and while making drastic changes in NC store and may game elements could make game more fair and competitive, balanced it's also risk, there is a fair chance that many rich people are playing l2 just cos they have this huge advantage and while casual players struggle with exp and drop, rich one thrive on that, and i cannot blame you, i bet it feels good to have that advantage over someone in game.
saying that its a risk, profits can increase due to game becoming more popular cos you don't rly need good advertising if game is fair and good, news will fly fast and people will come to try it out
it may fail, many cash whales may just leave, they just may fail on updates cos again they are bad in localizing korean p2w games and profits may drop

im not huge fan of NC but even they are not that dumb to gamble on profit like that, they only offer gamble to players who are dumb enough to take it
if on the other hand someone who can make decisions in NC goes "**** it, lets try game great no matter the profits for some test year, if it fails we can always go back" then yea, it is possible

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