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Default Re: Lineage II: Salvation Preliminary Patch Notes

Originally Posted by DergeDraconis View Post
Looking for clarification on 2 things;

Drum Melody seems to have had alot of the stat boosts removed from its description, this is also the case in the RUS patch notes, is it accurate for whats live on KOR?

Lute and Harp are being deleted? Just looking at the lvl 5 descriptions, it doesn't appear those effects got mixed into anything else? Is this note to mean that there just wont be a lvl 5 version, or are all characters fully buffed going to be 'weaker' now due to these two changes?
Good question, I have no idea what that section in patch note means, could anyone transalte this to English?
Lute Melody and Harp Melody has been deleted, but the increased amount in ability due to the buff has not been changed.
Also, I can see:

Deleted or Revised Quests:
Duty of the Survivor
To Calm the Flood
Dreaming of Peace
Uncover the Secret
Kicking Out Unwelcome Guests
Those are the last ones that give you adena, so I bet they will be either gone or adena will be removed from rewards. Is it possible to nerf adena income even more? If there is, I'm sure the salvation update will stand up to the challenge.
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