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Default Re: GK looking to duo k99

Originally Posted by Rodah View Post
Wait what???

"To person above, there is no damage penalty in PvP." - Znipoo

Sorry to go off topic but I couldn't resist after his earlier comments...

Top OP, gratz on Kama!
Went with lv. 101 othell, 91 iss and 89 iss.
91 iss was the attacker, hit the othell for 3100, and hit the 89 iss for 3100 damage.

Othell and lv. 89 iss both had same P. Def and attribute defense of the attackers choice, no damage reduction jewelry of any kind of course.

If there was damage penalty, would there not be a significant difference in damage (according to the person i replied to in your link - 180% damage penalty) when I hit the othell?

Same thing as your attribute thing, check shiet before you comment and make stupid remarks.
Clear example of a pay to win noob.

I wish there was a 30% penalty every 2 levels though, that means those 80k hits I make on lv. 105s with my 101 yul would be over 140k, thats with pretty bad equipment. LOL.

Really sorry for going offtopic in this thread..

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