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Originally Posted by Bruhxd View Post
MAX/Nova were 2 to 1 in numbers over DH/MS last dim siege easily. It wouldn't even be a competition if llllllllllll wasn't such an awful player. Even being so bad with that weapon he kills a lot unfortunately but that clown party got wiped by MS several times along with Nova at Rune. All I'm gonna say is max/nova better hope MS doesn't drop a bow or mage weapon. Mats are ready already for a stage 2. MAX is a trash clan on a dead server, the farm would be unimaginable if they tried to fight MS on Chronos. We all know MAX wont leave their dead private server cause they will lose all dragons and all open field raids. Keep farming for your leaders groups dragon weapons idiotsLMAO. #MAXSLAVES
Oh wait ... Max clan members are slaves ... Hmmm OK. Then from where did you get all thoses mats / dragon claw to make a dragon weapon stage 2 ?
Did you buy all of them by yourself ? Or did you keep the mats and dragon claw farmed by MS clan ? ... Wait ! ... MS clan members are slaves ? ....
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