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Originally Posted by iDoomCraker View Post
Hahahahahahahahahahahahajajahahahahahahahahagagaha hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahavahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahaha
Bro u realize that every time that u open ur mouth looks so Idiot? Really idk what u are doing here. Go to The game and inprove cuz MAX or not u should be a totaly fail.

First let me ur number here, i think i already find a free clown for my daughter birthday
Your lovely truffle just said that your clan got all mats needed to make a dragon weapon lvl 2 ... ok, but who farmed for them ? MS clan members ?
Probably like Max clan members are doing for their dragon weapons ... So if MAX clan members are slaves ... Why MS clan members are not ? ...

You should really buy a brain iDoomCraker ... you looks verry pathetics ...

If you say that "someone" doing something is a slave .... If YOU doing the same thing ... Then you are also a slave ... logic isn't ? Maybe isn't familliar for you ... I'm really sad for you in this case .. Not everyone get a normal brain, sometimes ppl like you have damaged brain ... Or just lieing to themself, and sadly trust themself lies ...
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