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Default Re: Server Name Nominations

Shilien would not reflect the new server personnality. Kain have an history of Player Killers, Lionna of Role Players, so I'll vote for Black Judge.

[/ QUOTE ]

Black Judge worships Shilien

[/ QUOTE ]

Of course not. They've been sent by Gran Kain


"Einhasad, why do you not give up? The whole land knows your anger and trembles before your wrath. The wise but foolish giants feel their wrongdoing to their very core. See for yourself! The race of proud and noble creatures -- that at one time ruled the earth are hiding on a narrow strip of land and shaking in fear as they seek to escape you! No longer can they challenge the gods. This place will eternally be the giants' prison. Calm your rage, your revenge is complete."

Einhasad continued to rage, but she could not act against Gran Kain's wishes -- he possessed strength equal to her own. She decided that, as Gran Kain had said, it would be better to leave the giants on that narrow, barren land to forever repent their sins rather than to kill them all. She ended her hunt and returned to her home.

[/ QUOTE ]
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