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Default Re: Looking for Mentees

Originally Posted by Puppy Rawr View Post
Looking for (Mentor or Mentee): Clan looking for Mentees from Level 40 - 85.
Most Active Days/Time Zone:
Character Information (Name, Level, Class): PM/MAIL PuppyRawr in game to be setup with a clan member who needs mentees.
Primary Language (if not English):
Description (optional):
We are looking for about 14-24 Mentees from Level 40 - 85, this is not a recruitment as clan is not actively recruiting at this time, we are just looking to build mentee coin for elements.
We are still actively seeking mentees as mentees level past 85. Please contact me in game via mail "PuppyRawr"

We can also offer academy access which we have a clan hall in Gludin for buffs.
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