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Default Great Houses of Chronos

What Great House of Westeros are you?

Going through a little Game of Thrones withdrawal and thought it would be fun to compare the current clans of Chronos to the houses/factions in GoT. Start it off with my rough thoughts, please fill in/suggest/correct:

First, the current castle holding clans:

Nova – This is the obvious one. Nova is House Lannister. They control the gold, they control the castles, they control the realm. To do this they have a plan in place and they follow it. They’ve had a few threats, but always come out on top. They’ve got their share of Geoffrey d-bags, Cersei tyrants, Jamie nice guys, and even mischievous imps. But above that there seems to be a cold, calculating Tywin Lannister lurking in the shadows plotting and ensuring that this house rules the land in Perpetua.

FS – House Casterly? (extinct). JK, they still have a nice castle, they are a mixed bag, I’m going to go with house Greyjoy of the Iron Islands just because steel/ironborn, seem to do their own thing right now, not engage with mainland too much. But they do seem to recruit a lot of anti-social daggers that get their rocks off ganking lowbies, a la Theon Greyjoy.

Rescue Rangers – The Night’s Watch – a bunch of misfits that are either bastrads or committed crimes and now have to sit around in the wasteland  Stays out of things, but can smack down some wildlings/undead when called upon.

OJs – Dorn/House Martell.. Mostly because I consider them a “southern” clan and I don’t understand Portuguese.

ICA – I don’t know about this one, open to suggestions.

ProPve – Don’t know

Darkness Reborn – Don’t know

And the rest:

MS – I’m going to go with House Bolton. A bunch of anti-social psychopaths that no one likes that will ravage anyone and anything. But still they could be crushed by Lannister at any time if it suited them. Could be that or the Dothraki Hordes.

Sunshine/Apex – The Iron Bank maybe? Or if they lose dragons, House Tyrell?

DIE – The faceless men that can/will assassinate you, but don’t really have any ambition/plan other than to serve the faceless god?

Is there a house Targaryen lurking in the shadows to challenge the Lannisters? With three dragon (weapons)?

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