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Default Re: Great Houses of Chronos

Originally Posted by CrafterR View Post
You talk like a unreasonable child,sorry for you...
Just because core leaders have agreed with me that there is many other core members who diserve earring more than you, you are acting out. you would not been in the top 50 helpers of ally even, shouting wtb lindvior since first dragon you joined, letting down your leader while spawns was in your time zone and not organize anything else in time being. Your request was so unreasonable and persistent that everyone just had to agree with me saying your "jajaja" to you. We rotate those top items according how many grps each clan brings to the raids average. But sure you have no idea about average numbers as you just was in 5-10 dragons cc total and your reaction now just confirms us that we made the right decision.

Iron bank fits better as we the most steady and peacefull clan on chronos since years,while so many houses have risen and fallen including your house of emnity

Just had to LMAO @ "we the most steady and peacefull clan on chromos"

GROW SOME will ya !
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