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Default Re: Great Houses of Chronos

Originally Posted by CrafterR View Post
You talk like a unreasonable child,sorry for you...
Just because core leaders have agreed with me that there is many other core members who diserve earring more than you, you are acting out. you would not been in the top 50 helpers of ally even, shouting wtb lindvior since first dragon you joined, letting down your leader while spawns was in your time zone and not organize anything else in time being. Your request was so unreasonable and persistent that everyone just had to agree with me saying your "jajaja" to you. We rotate those top items according how many grps each clan brings to the raids average. But sure you have no idea about average numbers as you just was in 5-10 dragons cc total and your reaction now just confirms us that we made the right decision.

Iron bank fits better as we the most steady and peacefull clan on chronos since years,while so many houses have risen and fallen including your house of emnity

just to set the record straight.... i stopped attending dragons when u scammed the ally for a seven signs and bought dragon recipes without talking to leaders and only explained yourself when a few people including myself opened our mouths... then we get burned on another seven signs payout and the excuse was that Riley1 was away at military.

As for the rotation statement, that came into the picture after things hit the fan it has always been from the beginning a request system and name goes on the list. however the list has never been public or transparent. It changes as it seems fit for the benefit of sunshine only. To justify your statement to the sheep that you keep company with "it was the right decision" whatever it takes to make you feel better. the reality is that you are a scamming manipulative piece of ****. and I have no issue airing your dirty laundry.

its a joke what core and DR allow sunshine to keep getting away with.. 4 lindivors for your clan straight in a row, only reason core got one was because i rocked the boat so hard.. If i was a kid I would have taken NORT up on his offer. (he knows that that is) However I am a man and I decided to leave so i did. I left it was my decision...

as for helping clan and alliance. my loyaltys are to my clan always have always will.
its a one sided **** show sunshine has all of APEX behind them to farm and u give them scraps to keep them settled ...

I have helped members of core more than you will ever know and never asked anything back from them in return.

Enjoy APEX they will farm for you and support you until the day u leave them in the dust. and most of them will not open there mouths.. However I speak my mind and say it straight

PS I was never Emnity
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