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Default Re: MagicStar - SEALs new pet

Originally Posted by cannicorpse View Post
Pretty pathetic intel.
Giran was given to AH. It wasn't taken from SEAL.
From what I could see, your CC was about same size as all of SEAL. Not even accounting for all the other clans joining in.
You got farmed at Gludio by a single party.

Since when is breaking doors on undefended castles such a big feat? Not exactly hard to get to ~60% of casting on a castle when it takes ~15 secs to soe castle, another 30 secs to port from castle room and then run into throne room?
Apparently you guys are really terribad at protecting your caster if it got interrupted with only so little time left.`

Nevertheless, gz on Heine.
Was given to AH Giran? ok you will say same if after we crash doors we take, rite? Same as if we cast in all other 4 castles + Innadril who we cast for real. How many time seal come in Dion? How many time you come in Haine and other castles, yes you "gift" to us, who care, even if we lose castle you know the 24 ppl in CC, yes we was alone w/o any other clan even ally with us (be free to ask them), the we made you to run around with no idea and just die die in end, yes, you made +135 till cross all castles ending with aden, in end you finis CS with just +84, so in Haine your pro golden ppl with dark armors full epics x30+ in your clan, lose -51 in 20 min.

ps: GZ to SEAL who made suicide from my ISS dual cass with B grade weapon
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