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Default Re: MagicStar - SEALs new pet

Originally Posted by cannicorpse View Post
So delusional, where did you ever read we "gifted" you Heine.
I even congratulated on taking it, yet you seem so hellbent on making propaganda that you can't even see a compliment when it's right there.

You're also heavily overestimating the gear that SEAL seems to have. I think MOST of the current heroes are FAR from having a Dark set, a lot of them don't even have Dark weapons.

You might not be "allied" but I didnt see any Furyans, RedWines, or any of the other people attacking you when you were fighting SEAL
Redwines try to cast so we killed them... with furyanse we was in same place only in gludio where they try to cast...

you joke? seal not have dark stufs and maybe we have when in all clan is 2 dark set and 2 dark weapons. what you do with all 24/7 gainak farm or you RTM all? seal have minimum 6+ CP on y-day, min half of that ppl is gold and dark...

read well what I say
"you will say same if after we crash doors we take, rite?"

tnx for gz, maybe next time CJ log and see how is this new SEAL
"compliment" yes, tnx, maybe next time also gm's log and interrupt scripts to world see real L2 no autoL2...
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