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Default Re: MagicStar - SEALs new pet



Originally Posted by genocry View Post
so the word on the street is that the biggest trashcan in geno adrainlfc (LOL) and Shinx just scammed the whole geno CWH LOLOLOL nice trash you got in your awesome trash clan hard times i guess he needs to buy food

thats what you get for recruiting ******s trash always stays trash

peace out adrian looking for *****
Originally Posted by CJ202 View Post

Genocide ended a few weeks ago when i sold the clan to JEAA. (Good deal that included some rice too)
So how can Adrian scam Geno if it doesn't exist anymore?

Besides Adrian toon was sold so hard to scam anything here when there's no toon here to use!

Genocide recruiting on Core!

PS: For invites pm CJTheLegend2000
hahahahahahajajajajajajajjkakakakakakakkxxaxaxaxax axxaxa sneaky dirty little clowns. RMTing and scamming each other like r3t4rds

Lol SEAL filled with trash and scammers. Leftover scraps from brazillian clans who havent achieved anything until server is utter garbage.
JEAA (Asari Pu) /iTooNaughty/justlana = Biggest Scammers of Magmeld. Scam their old ex-Max clan member and friends they played with for years AND theyre from the same country. Priceless kids who have no ethnic pride. No wonder Vietnam is a 3rd world country. Always spitting garbage on the hero chat for attention.

AdrianLFC/Shinx = Newsflash. SEAL Gypsies scamming anything and everything they can on Magmeld/Geno before so they can RMT in L2Core/Innova. Who cares, they beat Nova right? Dirty little backstabbing cheaters/scammers from SEAL, what a surprise. not.

SEAL = South East Asian Lineage = China/Vietnam.
When will you kids realize youre not winning when you join these Chinese, your just working for these scammers who wants to use you and throw away like a used toilet paper.
I feel really sorry for you brazillian/portuguese/south american/greek players that join thinking they'll get lefotver crumbs/free things like a homeless beggar.

It's about time SEAL needs a pet clan to use like wtf is MagicStar lmao what is this twinkle twinkle little kids

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