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Default Quests Guide new lvl 90 players

I recently hit 90 and I've always known there were a bunch of quests out there. Here is an outline of the quests. Most of the quests themselves are rather simple, so not going to go into a lot of detail. Note: This is not a complete list of all 90 quests nor have I finished them all. Feel free to post with additions and/or corrections!

1) First quest: Shadow of Terror -- NPC: Lada in Hunters Village
**You should receive a note from him in your inventory when you hit 90
  • Speak with Lada & he gives you an item called glimmer
  • Port to Anghel's Waterfall, look left, target the bush & use glimmer
  • It spawns glowing balls (wisp), hit them and you get the quest item
  • Enter Magmeld (has cut screen) then go to Hierarch's house to speak with Hierarch Slaski
Reward: Fairy Agathion

Then do Fortuna quests:

2)Unsettling Shadow & Rumor -- starts at Kantarubis in Magmeld
This quest just requires talking to a few NPC's around Magmeld main area. At the end you recieve "Old Paper".
Click the Old Paper to start quest:

3)Forgotten Heroes -- starts with Old Paper
Talk to Izael again and then you are set-up to enter Fortuna

Now you can start quests to enter Spez:
4) Quest: Unstobbable Futile Efforts -- starts at Noeti Mimilead
Go to Fairy Settlement and attack cocoons -- need 5 items. Return to Noeti Mimilead for reward

5) **To do the next quest you must complete the daily quest: We are Friends first! This quest is taken from the Fairy Citizen behind GK Sookie. Just kill cocoons until two of them spawn a mob and fairy citizen at the same time. When you kill the mob, then talk to the citizen who thanks you for helping them.

6)Quest: The Corrupt Leader -- starts at Noeti Kasheron
Noeti takes you into an instance. Speak with her there to use the flute from the Daily Quest: We are Friends. You will receive extra fairy help and Kimerian will spawn near by. (He showed on my map so easy to find). Defeat him.

**You must do We are Friends again to obtain another flute for the next instance for Noeti to progress you once inside the instance.

7)Quest: The Corrupt Leader, His Truth -- starts at Noeti Kasheron
Noeti takes you back into Kimerian instance. Again, you need a flute to spawn extra help so do We are Friends first. Kimerian spawns behind the waterfall in the tunnel, get him and bring him back out. I did that and a lot of his minions fell off him making it a smooth boss. Defeat him and speak with Noeti.

8) Quest: Prison of Darkness -- starts at Hierarch Slaski
Speak with him and he gives you the clearance to enter Prison of Darkness. Speak with Opera once inside.

9) Quest: Undecaying Memory of Past -- starts at Opera
Opera gives you quest to kill Spezion. He is inside the Prison of Darkness. Once you kill Spez, talk to him again for reward.

Alternate Route into Spez:

Quest: Twisted Creation Tree -- starts with Selina at GoG entrance
Speak with her, she directs you to Hopina (next to her) and Hopina gives you list of mobs to kill in GoG.

Take her second Quest: Peaceful Days Are Over -- send you to Hierarch Slaski to get reward and access to Prison Of Darkness.

Extra Single Quest:
Quest: Crossroads between Light and Darkness -- no start npc
While hunting in magmeld areas if you recieve "Trace of Decay Darkness" and click this item, it will start this quest.

Once you completed Twisted Creation Tree can also take Abandoned God's Creature from Horpina.

I haven't done any of the daily quests aside from We are Friends, but hopefully for anyone just hitting 90 this will help.
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Default Re: Quests Guide new lvl 90 players

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Default Re: Quests Guide new lvl 90 players

just 1 update in the part of kimerian instance: you just need to do "we are friends" quest to get access in first time, aka, to unfold PoD access. If you want to raid there daily, then you just need 'trace of kimerian' (for normal raid) and 'trace of kimerian's cavern' (for epic raid, both soloable), which you get from hunting Pam Direm and Coccons Destroyers, in FS. I advise you to avoid taking help from fairys inside the instance, since they steal part of xp you can get at all (+/- 154mil xp from both raids).
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Default Re: Quests Guide new lvl 90 players

Great guide, thanks!!
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