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Default Gustin Server Personality

Players who visited the Gustin server forum picked these choices as the top three to best describe the personality of the Gustin server, with a total of 211 votes:

<ul type="square">[*] PvP, PKing, and active clan wars[*] Inter-clan drama and politics[*] Lots of high level players[/list]We hope this helps you in your decision to play on the Gustin server!

[color= orange]Who is Gustin?[/color]

Gustin is a melancholic Hawkeye who came from the Hunters Village in the territory of Aden. At just age five, dying of hunger and disease in a back alley of Aden Castle, he was rescued and provided for by Franz. Gustin has no apparent purpose in his life, other than his desire to follow Franz, believing his soul will somehow be saved from terrible nothingness. He watches over Shikken, who pursues Frikios and Teon.

[color= orange]Clans on Gustin[/color]

Please visit the Fan Site Listing and this thread for a list of clans that are active on the Gustin server.

[color= orange]Did You Know?[/color]

The Gustin server was the first server to defeat the Earth Dragon, Antharas. Read more about it in the Community Spotlight!

[color= orange]Player Perspective[/color]

Tannis, a player on the Gustin server, had this to say about the current state of the server.

The Gustin Server, once in a state of total Domination by one Alliance, now finds its self in a state of flux. With many alliances battling for control of not only the server, but castles, hunting areas and new members. Several Large Alliances are recruiting new members for main and sub clans, so new players to the server should be able to find a home after their second Job quest is complete.

With so many Large Alliances, intra-clan and alliance drama and intrigue should be a given...

With the new War system introduced in the newest, C4 Chronicle. PvP-PK have become a whole new dynamic, with the one sided War being fully tested...

When people are not out looking for War tags you normally find them enjoying the relaxation of Fishing to break up the Level/Hunting Grind..

At this time several alliances enjoy the benifits of castle ownership. While Others enjoy the benifits of Clan Halls...

So at this time the Future looks very Bright...

Come join us and see what you can add to the future of the server.
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