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Default About Gear

Well atm i use requiem buster Mana Up+Acumen is it worthy to keep it also in r95 or r99? i see many ppl say about cutter health or duals but my playstyle was and i think will be acumen +robe+wizards harmony. also since im human healer and i dont have so good c speed as EE is it worthy to use wit in 1 slot of dyes and the rest slots con? or full con since on 99 my c speed will be good with frantic?
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Default Re: About Gear

general rule of thumb...

if you're not trying to pvp...
then you're good with whatever you have.

armor is more important than weapon.
weapon can be anything from a grade acumen, s grade duals +mp/hp/cp
or any weapons with health or mana up.

health will always give you a slight advantage if you get hit by stray attacks in pve. but as i mentioned before armor is more important.

make sure you have some 120 element...
worry about a weapon later.
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Default Re: About Gear

Just add some insights in the @Fidgit's post, dont fool yourself with all the bullsh*t writen by the top players in others healer's section posts.

You didnt say, but you'd only follow the CON setup if you r focused in pvp (and this is something you wont want ever think below 99 with some AP to spare in aid skills).

For pve, pretty much you'll just need a robe (can be even twilight, it doesnt matter, but even better if you can afford the proper set for your current level - what would means ++pdef, less stat reduction); a buster (dont believe in caster for pve, it's a waste of resources and adena sink only) with acu + mana up (what could be even a requiem, and you'll be able to carry it on till latter levels, even at 99) and some decents jewels (ofc at least 1 freya's neck to cover the cd reduction - small - and some stun resist).

With the above PvE setup, frantic healing wont be necessary, in no none circunstance ever. Even bss wont be necessary in major part of your playtime, 'cause with full buffs you'll get max casting speed, making all your skills instant cast, pratically. And since in a perfect party setup you would be the last one to take damage, no worries.

A mix of WIT/CON tats should be enough. Dont screw yourself much.

For some solo PvE, just switch that buster for a retributer (I'm using apo retri for solo atm, 'cause its the same weapon of my dual, so 1 cost = 2 purposes), and get a Matck hat/pendant accessory, and some m. critical talismans. In places like Seal of Shillen, you'll find the easy of solo'ing there as AoE machine, even better than feohs or others solo target/aoe DD's.
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