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Default Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

As one of our community initiatives, there will be regular Q&A sessions with the Lineage II Producer, Juji. We invite you to ask questions pertaining to the set topic(s).

With Lineage II returning to Steam and regular updates coming from Korea, what does this mean for Lineage II NA? Ask Juji!

  • Please only post questions pertaining to the topic: Future of Lineage II
  • Please post in a respectful manner. Condescending questions and implications will not be answered.
  • If you have multiple questions, please list your questions out versus writing a block-o-text.
  • Questions will be answered in a most timely manner as possible. We may choose to select a few questions to answer at one time.
  • If you question is not answered, we are not ignoring you. We may not have a good answer for you at the time.

Please post your questions below and Juji will answer to the best of his abilities.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Will finally the corrupted ones disappear?
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II


1. Is there any plans to balance the game?
A. Tyrr's being underpowered
B. Olympiad balance vs Open field balance
C. Archers doing way too much damage and UE being impossible to beat.
D. Stopping 3rd party scripts and stop protecting people who pay

2. Can we get an actual Raiding system for open field raids with spawn times and death timers?

3. Are we going to get a system where players don't have to pay in order to be competitive?

4. Can older raid bosses be updated to meet new standards so that they could be farmed by our mains instead of 98 low levels?

5. Any update on new armor sets? Maybe adding a 2 or 3 new armor sets and remove the need for PVE & PVP gear?

6. Epic bosses and Epic weapons, what's the point if you give them away for $$?

7. Can we get a boost in drop rate, spoils and item crafting?

8. Any plans on adding a live GM to the game to put random events (not just buffs, but maybe spawn tons of mobs or raids to be killed by the server)?

9. Any plans on updating the clan reward system / daily login system to give better rewards and harder rewards require more work (and not a whole year of work)?

10. Can we have set % chance instead of server base luck? I'm tired of testing and retesting things. For a whole month, it's 2/3, now my rate with 54 LUC, is as bad as 1/5. This is getting old and very fast.

##Fun question!
Is it true that people that pay have a free pass if they are caught cheating?


More to come

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

When you talk about more regular updates from Korea, to what extend can you influence the delivery of new content/event content that is being pushed to our servers?

I am not talking about the regular big updates, but more about the small things (exclusive NCWest content).

Is there a team of people that reviews the content available in Korea and then decides what is being put into NA/EU version? Do you have a repository of content that can be used/reused?

Could you maybe share a little bit of a back-story how these things happen?
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Arrow Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Is blessed spiritshots would be fixed?

What wrong? Imagine a mage with a weapon casting a series of skills. Weapon have BSS auto charged. What BSS gives to mage - damage boost and casting speed boost (not displayed in character status). To apply casting speed boost for next skill use BSS must be charged before casting. If mage casts two skills in a row, there is no pause between skills, so no room for charge BSS before 2nd skill, so no casting speed boost will be applied to second cast. BSS charges after 2nd skill casting started. We only have damage boost.

So mage in real life have partially use of BSS power - one hit with casting speed boost, another without. But pay money for whole. At this time soulshot users have full bonus from soulshots.

I offer as solution take in consideration casting speed boost always, while BSS on auto charge mode.

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

My question is what is the future of lineage 2 since it opened a new server Zaken others are die because of the many third-party programs.
pretty soon the zaken server goes the same way just log in and see the both of orcs in the cities, I'm not punishing anyone asking yourself just the future reserving Magmeld / Shilen / chronos / naia and bartz. and pretty soon Zaken. why not try to change the rules and get the ban by ip just?

only one question anything personal.
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Exclamation Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

which provides that Lineage 2 will be taken in relation to a single bot (*******) that this ending the game?
Ps .: who feel bad that question and because it uses *******.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Q: From the last update (Infinite Odyssey) that brought innovations (by NCWest exclusively) that never existed before, could say it's a trend that could come other more innovations? I admit I like the way it is, although it intrigues me that can be differentiated from conventional L2 Korean style that always been Copy/Paste.

Q: I have already read a lot of players here on the official forums with numerous suggestions and the Juji could ever answer that such suggestions could be implemented or discussed in the future or that are in the works, to be placed within the L2 Store, such as services dual for main class as well as possibility of merge between servers. Thus, the right to ask a Producer would like to know what's new that can be implemented in the L2 Store soon (if so, you can add some information about what has been mentioned). Somehow, we hate receiving any kind of spoiler, although about L2 things, we would like to know.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

1 Q.
will remove the cap for magic critical rate "ninja patch" now? only implemented by NCwest .. i ask because mages are so nerfed i think its no necessary now >.<
2 Q.
will balance the light class's? its a kinda booring see in the game the only strongs ptys from all pvp clans are yul or othel ..

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Hello Juji,

I have the following questions to you.

1. Is there any plans to balance the game a little? Some classes like Yull GS and Trickster on 101 hit like a truck?

2. Why we have so many unavailable grand bosses like AQ, Baium, Lilith , Anakim. Those are literally locked away from 99.9% of the servers population and were/are only farmed by bots. Is there are plans to actually make them more accessible to the players. Things like Anakim/Lilith talismans only come from events...

3. Why aren't you fighting the use of 3rd party software for PvP assistance?!? What exactly stops you?

4. What is the status of NCWest? How many people are employed there in total? Can you tell us how many people work in the support department?
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

I have three answers and three questions:


1- improve the drop of the low-level raids, could also put the information to see when he revives ? ? ? It would be helpful for prevent the awakenings not steal to the low-level boss 78 -84 ( awakenings lvl 85 kill hekaton , Uruka , shadit , liam , gwindorr).

2- improve the reward of missions, this will give motivation to the players, not to mention that the more they can grow your character , also seek to use the l2store, to buy the items needed to use to improve your character.

3- try to add some moderator or administrator , at least this know what to do if there are people using bots , it is outrageous to see how these players are filled with items illegally and level up your characters in less than a week and are in 95 :/ , while you strive to get just a "set " immortal, understand there are items that give a lot of experience , but in a new server as " Zaken " in five days i see a character in 95 :S , not including bots that are in "fairy settlement"


1- Why they open up new servers , knowing that one or two of those are empty ?

2- we can do with those guys who send pm to sell its " adena " I will name them here : mmo, , MMOA . I think they are all are very upset , no one plays well and are sending message and are everywhere selling and sending whisp.

3- the instance of defeat "Frintezza" is impossible to do it in magmeld , at least that's what I see , because I never see a team trying to make that instance , they could at least make it similar to Zaken or of Freya?

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Hey Juji!
I have a few questions:
  1. Any plans for Lineage II Classic?
  2. Any new comestic items coming soon? I feel there is a lack of diversity for "unique".
  3. Are Premium Hairstyles sometime going to get their own version when equipping hair items and not show the non-premium one?
  4. Any news about an Iss Judicator?
  5. About STEAM icons, badges and wallpapers, is there any chance to get new icons and badges with the vibe of Lineage 2? Like icons from the game itself, for example the default Attack icon and for the badges like the Noblesse icons, I feel the current ones doesn't represent the game; and for wallpapers some iconic characters like Leona Blackbird, Valakas or some cool artwork from the game, not just bland scenarios.
  6. What's your favorite ice-cream flavour?

That's it, thank you!

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

To juji:

1. ETA for zaken transfer
2. ETA for hymn of soul and helios update. My concern is for upgraded giants cave.
3. Regarding what mixa said. Is it possible make queen ant/baium/anakim/lilith somewhat an instance like kelbim?
4. Can we make soul crystal compounding possible up to level/stage 15/20??? So that we can have uber sa bonus...
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

1. Any new continents in future ?
2. Any chance some love to mages from devs ?
3. Any chance judicators can awaken to something usefull ?
3. Any chance judicarors can be main class?
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

First off, nice to do another Q&A, sadly all info about the 'upcoming' patches is widely available so asking for anything upcoming is a bit redundant. But since with the Underground patch NCWest was able to make sure 'our' servers had some unique features let's give it a go.

Question 1; Is there any plan at NCSoft's end to change the Clan System within Lineage II?
The Clan System is heavily outdated compared to many other MMO's out there and although it's unique and well-known feature of the L2 game it just doesn't fit in the current game any more. Narrowing 'main clan' to just 40 spots, while many clans that are topping 100 active players daily are struggling to get an even balance for clan cloaks, top level clan skills etc. I would love to see a main clan with 80 slots, and 4 Royal Guard units unlocking Clan Cloaks (Light/Dark etc.) in all of the sections and making active clan skills more widely available to the clan.

Question 2; Is there any plan to revamp the Alliance System?
Having a multi-clan alliance is a wonderful thing. It was even better back in C3, but the whole thing of having an alliance was to be able to store many chars under 'one unified' tag. But those days are long gone. Now big clans are as big as old alliances back in C3/C4 but still with the same restrictions. It's just stupid that while having an alliance with Player B, Player A can still AoE hit player B when he's flagged in mass PvP. Not to mention it's even possible while in the same command channel, while that is _the_ tool to do cross-party communication. Being in the same alliance should be (and become) more than just sharing a tag. If your ally member is hostile to you at any given moment in the game, what's the point to have one in the first place?

Question 3; Can we expect a change of the Auction House?
Originally Posted by The Dictionary
Also called public sale. a publicly held sale at which property or goods are sold to the highest bidder.
It's awesome that NCSoft added the Auction House to the game. It allows so much more market play and possibilities to sell your items. Yet it's faulty. There is nothing to auction. It's all fixed prices and if you price your stuff to high, it's a dead end.
To make the Auction House a real place to do market, lower server stress due to afk shops in Aden, and competitive there should be added a feature to;
a) Be able to sell an item to 'Best Offer', this way Player A is able to put his item (e.g. Eternal Boots) into Auction House for 25m or Best Offer and as soon as Player A receives an offer of Player B and C he'll get a message. And be able to deal with it even when out of town. T.e.r.a does it like that and oh god it's magic!
b) Be able to use the auction house for buying stuff. (e.g. be able to set an item in AH like Gemstone R for 1.19m at a quantity of 5000 and it being there until you've bought all 5000 of em, or time runs out).
c) Lower auction fees!!!!

Question 4; Will Devil's Isle be ever populated again?
A few patches back Devils's Isle was completely stripped from all mobs and now is a shell of it's former past. Back in C4/C5 me and my friends always went to Devil's Isle to spoil materials and just level up. It was an amazing place with amazing mob design, compared to places like Cruma Tower/Tower of Insolence. It's a shame that there is nothing left there except for Zaken's Ship and Zaken himself, which as well has been so much ignored in current game design.

Question 5; Is there any plan to bring the Sky Crack instance to non-Classic L2?
On the L2Classic servers there is an exp instance above Tower of Insolence that gives players exp, drops and something new to do after reaching the top of ToI. Will this be ever added to the normal servers?

Question 6; Have there been any thoughts about adding an 'Extreme' mode on the Fortuna instance?
The server population is all level 99 or close to being there, yet there are no supplies of R99 gear because said gear only drops from Dragons and lv97+ open field raids, which are farmed on idiot hours (like 3AM, so you can't compete for them) by pro farmers locking down the market. Years ago, when Fortuna was still _the_ place to go, it supplied the whole server from R90 and R95 gear as well as needed supplies like Crystals and Enchants. But now, even after so many nerfs on Fortuna there are barely any lv90 parties actually going into Fortuna since it doesn't drop much, you can be happy if it drops 5 EAR and 1 Twilight Gloves in total. No more R95 gear or what so ever.
Adding an 'Extreme' mode for it, with proper loot needed by all server (Gemstones R, Rune Stone, R95/R99 gear). Because at this stage, the only people having adena to buy what they want/need are the ones that have been exploiting/controlling the server by force/bots creating a major gap between players at same level kinda created by all exp/boost/end-game item events of recent days.

Question 7; Any chance of the "Conquest System" ever seeing the light of day on NCWest servers?"
With all the server transfers from and to Naia/Chronos to kill a clan and proof Clan X is better than Clan Y, or even so Server X is better than Server Y what about having another cross-server system? We got the Dimensional Sieges, the Dimensional Raids, but during and after the Infinite Oddyssy patch in Korea there was alot about the Dimensional Territory Wars. Why has this been removed from our version? Or is it still on the shelf to be added later?

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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Greetings Juji,

Question 1 - Any chance of changing the current adena drop/drop rates for new servers like zaken for example?

The current amount of adena that is dropped per monster is abysmally low, and for players who do not have the old adena that circulates around the older servers, it's a lot harder for new and returning players to catch up.

Question 2 - Any chances of removing the NCWest pay to win shop?

Or at least change it so that way it does not feel that new and returning players will have to spend thousands in the shop. The vast majority of players don't have thousands to spend per event, we're not all Dubai oil princes.

People will pay money for things like XP/SP runes and cosmetic items, there is really no reason to have end game items in the store.

Question 3 - Any chances of changing the structure of most events?

The current structure of events are getting increasingly more and more pay to win, given that most of the event items people feel are must haves to be able to play at the top level. (I'm looking at you venir/brooch/jewel event)

Question 4 - Will there be any implementation of a way to catch people up gear-wise to the top tier players that isn't pay to win?

Currently there are really only three ways to get top gear in game. You either have to be in a top clan (which is impossible if you just have regular gear), you spend a bunch of money in the L2 store, or you ebay a bunch of adena or the items themselves.

The gear disparity between the top clans and the average clan that has high level players is immensely huge. Not to mention that even players who have been on the top, if they take a break for even a little bit, it can be very hard to catch back up in gear.

Time and time again you see a lot of the same people either attaining hero, or taking multiple castles on a server, simply because their gear is just so much better than everyone else.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Will you ever start to ban ppl who use pvp programs ?
Will u make scripts a ingame tool?
Even top pvp is who have better scripts or ping now,no fun anymore.

More and more people leave everyday for better servers and this is ur only fault cause u dont punish them and close ur eyes.If u want a long term servers
u should act now if not milk the cow asap and close the servers cause this will happen if u think on short terms.

So the future of lineage nwest servers is in ur hands,g/l and hv.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Hello, BusterCasey and Juji!

Thanks for giving us possibility to ask you questions about future of game we are playing. I have few questions.

1. Lineage 2 is now available in Steam. What you're expecting from this and what results we already have?

2. I think many people will agree that we have problems with support. Answers a slow and useless usually, in most of cases we are getting answers which are looking like automatic one. Most of tickets are being closed with words "any further inquiries about this specific matter will be set to Solved without response". Time to time tickets are getting closed without answer. I know that some people can be annoying or ask for things they shouldn't, but this happening not only in those cases. So, if there any plans to change this in the future?

3. The last and the most important question for me is about my class - Tyrr Warrior. In the past I couldn't complain about anything, I had decent damage, could survive for long time and had disable skills. But situation is changed completely. Now Tyrr Warrior can not be named "damage dealer". "First hit" was addition of Rose Buff (Art of Seduction), then we got Weaver Agathion Buff, Prestige Pack, Valiant Scrolls, 7 Signs Talismans, Abundance Talismans, Insanity Talisman etc. Tyrr Warrior lost possibility to make even decent damage. I was sad, but was calming myself that I still have good survivability and can be useful in PVP as disabler. But survivability disappeared with previous update (I think everyone knows why people at this moment can't survive in PVP). It was second hit to Tyrr Warrior class. And the "last hit" is addition of free Lindvior Earrings (which giving debuff reflect), and items in L2Store like shirts and dye which giving debuff reflection (dye actually giving a lot of resistance as well). Now Tyrr Warrior is dead completely like class. No damage, no survivability and half of debuffs reflected to yourself. Is there any chance that we will have changes in nearest future? If yes, what changes and when?

P.S.: As well i'm planning to make open petition on forum about my last question to make you to see how many people will sign under it.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Hello, NCTeam!

1) Can we have a small patch, that will return old war\siege icons. Instead of thoose big swords, shields, crowns have old small war fists, small siege icons? Ofc its optional, who like new onec, can still play with them.

2) Return old weapon enchanting colours, 1-15 blue and from 16 red, without any other colors and effects, because I dont like this cartoon colours and I know, that many ppl will agree with me. Ofc make its optional.

3) Disable armor glow effect, same reason, I dont like alot colours, and ofc its optional.

4) Tyrr Warriors, absolutely dead classes atm, need only to agr mobs, awesome DD.

5) Scripts, bots, 3rd soft etc. Well, rest I hope you know.

6) Add possibility for people, who dont invest money to game have brooches, talismans for in game stuff, because now we only can get them from "l2 store events" and from people, who buy them for real money.

7) Possibility to run game from Steam client for EU\RU players.

8) Re-create launcher or create new, that we dont have to use verification code every time.

Well, I hope to see answers for first 3 questions at least.
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Default Re: Producer Q&A Ask Juji: The Future of Lineage II

Hello I have few interesting questions.

1. I allways wonder how big is player base on game. I heard that in 2005 were 2.25 millions subscription monthly on game. My question is how many active player are there total on all servers around the world, and how many accounts were created since 2003 ?

2. what is wrong ? just in Europe and America are thousand of free private illegal/java servers and there are just 6 servers on NCwest millions of players play every day on private servers and they can play on official, what is wrong ?

3. Are there some plans for classic on NCwest (for US players) ? I'm EU player and I will go play on classic europe from

4. I heard that's west game version have many differences from the version chines and korean, is it true ?

5. Lineage II is here more than 12 years, what is planning for future, how long time do you want keep game on live next 12 years ? I know that's Lineage eternal is coming, but many players want something like L2 but with modern graphics and physics, contest, controls... are there some chance for Lineage 3 or Lineage 2 reborn ? :P

6. Are you planning open something like PVP server ?

7. Some plans for retur pay to play game mode ?

Thanks for answer Araxios
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