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Old 01-18-2017, 03:12 PM   #41
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Default Re: Lets speak about the future Of L2 after bot removal

Originally Posted by Skooter View Post
You're on drugs if you think there are no pvp scripts
Originally Posted by Deadonline View Post
You don`t even understand what you write: people were running scripts with Trilion in gear since ages - as the fear to lose the edge is a lot bigger then to get caught (no perma bans except for script kiddies or the people who over abused the system)
OK, how about some names? you can just tell by something as simple as watching an archer target in pvp, it was incredibly easy to spot as it targets like a robot. its inhuman, and very easy to spot.

i never see this kind of thing on zaken anymore and nothing about dim sieges is painfully obvious script wise. All i do is pvp and its super easy to spot scripts vs no scripts. But look at me now going on with all this evidence.

So again, how about some names? Ill be sure to find them next siege and test.
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Old 01-19-2017, 03:17 AM   #42
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Default Re: Lets speak about the future Of L2 after bot removal

Shook the pro
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Default Re: Lets speak about the future Of L2 after bot removal

Started reading but with some ********, might missed a few posts so I might repeat someone's else ideas that were stated here.

Ok let's start with economics 101. First of all adena doesn't have fixed value as it's FIAT as almost any other ingame or RL currency. Therefore its value is based upon its ratio with desirable items that are not sold at NPC shops. If NPC shop had +10 R99 Dark gear, prices would stabilize at about ~90% of shop price and wouldn't differ no matter how much adena was/is/will be boted, though the items that are not available in shop would differ time from time due to their supply (for example Twilight gear could end up being more expensive than dark in some scenarios if the price for R99 mastery runes would be too high for daily use).

So ceteris paribus if adena amount slows its growth (due to items from l2 store increasing in number faster than adena gathered without bots participating) the prices for items will go down (remember the ratio, if one declines, other groves, the first becomes more valuable) and economy becomes more comfortable for new players (especialy the f2p ones). The price decrease is highly doubtable but at least there should be less of price increase so prices would be more or less stable.

But there is no ceteris paribus neither ingame, neither in RL. If there are no bots, some players will quit as they don't have enough RL cash (or are not inclined to spend it for a game/hobby) to compete with the help of L2store so in case they didn't farm enough adena, the game experience won't be satisfying for them anymore and they will quit and that will result in decline of L2store merchandise demand (we all know that there are plenty L2store resellers who benefit from adena boting players). Less buyers => lower NCoin price compared to adena. As you don't bot for Immortal gear, means they will also decrease competition in top tier, which will result on less stress for other players as they will have to compete with middle tier due to the lack (decrease) of top tier enemys which will result in further decline of L2store item value as you don't need neither Valiant, neither Dandy to kill Seraph while being full dark.

But if there are no adena available on RMT the probability of adena RMT buyers switching to L2store rises a bit (they need gear, but think L2store events are too risky, so they just buy adena and spend it for gear). I doubt they will start opening event boxes but reselling event boxes is more profitable than adena buying (some shops offer 8k Ncoins for 80$ and members offer adena for 8$ - 1bi, from which we have current 1 milion = 1-1.2 Ncoin ratio). So money spent on Adena RMT could be gained by NCsoft from L2store.

But if the mentioned adena botters decide to cash out and put their items/adena on market all at once, you will have short-mid term financial crysis ingame, as IMHO there is more adena than items (considering the ratio) available for sale which will result in significant price increase for more desirable items.

Now we are getting close to solution regarding "the death of bots".

So two main topics to bear in mind:

1. Adena RMT clients should be interested in purchasing NCoins as they have no other option to compete (and their will to spend money means that it is more about gaining advantage than refusing to spend money directly at ingame store) and selling event items is a more rational choise than buying adena.

2. Some of the botters will definetely cash out and make some mess with economy.

Now NCsoft should analyze who is the real buyer of their event items. If all the freya bags / carrot pouches / capsules are opened only by botters (or the absolute majority of them) as only they have enough ingame cash to take the risk, NCwest servers are doomed. But stating that all event items are opened only by botters is ridiculous. Yet still if botters make a large part of the real buyers, NCsoft should reconsider the reward ratio for events so they become desirable by non botting players.

If NCsoft wants higher purchases (or at least maintain them at same level) they must ensure that players are willing to sell the rewards that don't suit them (for example I won't sell kelbim xbows if botters are cashing out adena and xbow price increases every hour/day as I will wait for prices to stabilize) otherwise players will be stuck with loads of items due to hyperinflation and won't have enough cash (cause they didn't resell anything) to buy L2store products from other players (who won't open boxes) which will result in those "non gamblers" not buying the same amount of L2store items as before which will add more speed to hyperinflation (adena amount in market increases and the goods decline). So in order to prevent hyperinflation bot accounts must be banned before they decide to cash out.

Removing bots and their accumulated adena is a possible solution. But due to unclear amount of possible adena input to ingame economy there might be both deflation and inflation. In our case deflation is better as it will stabilize the current inflation rate but if the number of botting players is sky-high, well either stock up items either start the banfiesta.

And regarding event rewards themselves you must consider: events are the main source for current gear upgrades (yes, you can't make +10 with BEARs but you can change them to adena and buy one) as adena drop is enough only for spirit stones maybe (I believe I gathered about 1kk in an hour in AF with full group, and the group used cakes/roses etc there). So if every event has high reward ratio the you will both increase inflation for non event item prices (no dark gear +10 in boxes as far as I know) but will drop the price for mystic soul crystals, bear, gear, ear, etc. Therefore there must be breaks among high rewards (or rewards must be highly variated for them to lay down in economy without splashing high waves).

And if you return drop from mobs you will face two problems:

  • if bots are not eliminated and they start farming tell goodbye to economy again.
  • if bots are removed and rates are "normal" ncsoft can kiss high part of their l2store sales goodbye (why buy event box with twilight reward if I can get 1 set in two day instance run) which will decrease the popularity of carrot type event while not increase (or increasing only slightly) the demand for brooch type events.

Then again the game cannot be based solely on p2w model. If you do that, you have exbots ("clean" for a year lets say) spending their adena on l2store items bought by new/mid tier players to maintain advantage (this will be especially seen now with brooch event as more and more players are getting +10 sets and dark weapon so brooch and epic jewels will be more or less the main difference now) which will decline the will of midtier to play the game as they are non competetive and in order to beat top tier they will have to work RL solely for NCsoft items (depends on country, salary, etc but you got the idea).

Adding some drop to higher lvl zones which are normaly not infested with bots might be a good idea (assuming rates won't be increased only formally which won't have any effect or won't be increased drastically which will lead to hyperinflation of top tier items) as it will provide more reward for ingame effort and will have not the highest impact on item sales (you don't open carrots/capsules with hope to get twilight gear). But then again - high lvl zones, not high effort zones. If you add twilight drop to AF it will look more like an insult as you have to have good (at least not the worst) gear just to finish the instance.

So the drop should be increased in zones like Istina, Tauti, Ekimus, etc. You don't see much bots there, it needs some effort to do those and increased drop might change the view of the game being just purely p2w.

TL;DR: remove bots completely, ban their accounts, add some drops to specific instances and attract new players.

P.S. drop increase shouldn't be focused on open field bosses as those are farmed and the main category of players who need boost are those who cannot compete over those bosses.
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Default Re: Lets speak about the future Of L2 after bot removal

Basically NC needs to be prepared to fight the RMT if they want to keep the game healthy of course. To combat RMT is very easy but it will require an active GM. Modified model needs to be applied Subscription which lets to open field drop and Events which will provide better return rate compared if the event items would be sold on thier own with a - .

For each NCSoft-NCWest decision(aka the country blockage) - the players are suffering so the company needs to start thinking a lot more in advance except they don`t really care about the generated income from Lineage 2 Ncwest.

Years where nothing was done are already over-it`s time to wake up! If this will continue the L2 NCWest franchise wont be killed by the incompetence of the company but by the fed up middle tier who are actually responsible for the biggest share in the sales.
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