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Default Re: Feoh Storm Screamer GEAR

Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
What would it mean then a mob with less resistance to a specific element? If the mob is, say, low resistance to wind and I hit wind, do I still need over 500 or the element wind threshold is reduced, so I won't need to have 500+?

And in this case, how much would I need to make wind damage count?

TBH I don't know. It's worth noting that 100+ mobs don't show a weakness to a particular attribute in their description bar. They show "Strong against the XXXXX elemental." We have always interpreted that to mean the mob is weak to the opposite element. That may be the case but, I have never taken the time to verify this assumption.

From the limited number of test I have performed, you need to surpass your targets elemental defense by 40% to reach max damage.
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