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Default Re: noteible crafters

It would be great if everyone would list all the armor/weapon/jewerly recipes. Would make my life easier when sending messages.
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Default Re: noteible crafters

i`m WuWear lv7 craft
recipes registered atm:
all lv1-6 mats, shots D-A grades
got most of the Cgr armors, Bgr: Doom PA 60, BW LA 100, Doom LA 100, Doom Tunic 100, doom shield, Avadon Robe 100, Avadon Circ 60
Cgr weaps: kat, emi, pata
B gr weaps: Kris 60, Kesh 60, Lance 60, Aoba 100

pm for more! my book is updated often
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Default Franz Crafter

Registered Recipes
Contact me at my clan's marketplace or ingame.

[ Weapons ]
Bloody Orchid
Dark Legion's Edge
Dasparion's Staff
Destroyer Hammer
Dragon Grinder
Dragon Slayer
Elemental Sword
Flaming Dragon Skull
Meteor Shower
Soul Bow
Soul Separator
Sword of Miracles
Tallum Glaive

[ Armor ]
Dark Crystal Boots
Dark Crystal Gloves
Dark Crystal Helmet
Dark Crystal Shield
Dark Crystal Robe
Majestic Plate Armor
Robe of Nightmare
Shield of Nightmare
Tallum Boots
Tallum Helmet

[ Jewelry & Miscellaneous ]
Majestic Earring
Majestic Necklace
Majestic Ring
Mithril Arrow

[ Weapons ]
Art of Battle Axe
Bow of Peril
Hell Knife (60)
Ice Storm Hammer (60)
Kris (60)
Spell Breaker (60)
Sprite's Staff
Sword of Valhalla (60)
Wizard's Tear (60/100)

[ Armor ]
Avadon Breastplate (60)
Avadon Circlet (60)
Avadon Gaiters (60)
Avadon Gloves
Avadon Leather Armor
Avadon Robe (60/100)
Avadon Shield
Blue Wolf Boots (60/100)
Blue Wolf Breastplate (60/100)
Blue Wolf Gaiters
Blue Wolf Gloves (60)
Blue Wolf Stockings
Doom Boots (60/100)
Doom Gloves (60/100)
Doom Helmet (60)
Doom Shield
Leather Armor of Doom
Stockings of Doom
Stockings of Zubei
Tunic of Doom
Tunic of Zubei
Zubei Boots
Zubei Gauntlets (60/100)
Zubei Gaiters
Zubei Helmet
Zubei Shield

[ Jewelry & Miscellaneous ]
Earrings of Black Ore (70/100)
Necklace of Black Ore
Ring of Black Ore (70/100)

[ Weapons ]
Berserker Blade
Yaksa Mace

[ Armor ]
Full Plate Armor
Full Plate Shield

[ Jewelry & Miscellaneous ]
Nassen's Earring
Necklace of Binding
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