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Default Re: Franz Clan List

Originally Posted by gatompalo View Post
At a server with 90% of population of greeks & russians,you recruit french and german speakers?

If the clan you are into gives you what you need to feel ok with playing this game, no need to look around if members are from russia, france, germany or elsewhere. You play the game and you love it. -
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Default Re: Franz Clan List

I started a new clan, 100Percent where the legit players in LC and newbies can find a place.
In one year and a few months managed to build fully legit clan level 9 with all PvE clan skills.
Me and the remaining members there are ready to take up the challenge and start over afresh, in a different environment. Still, it is not the time yet for PvP, there are scores of yet unbanned bots roaming around, but that time will come.
Who we are: Legit PvE clan. Right now 5 veteran players, but we will start recruiting new players as soon as we can work around the level 5 quest bug after tomorrow's downtime.
Recruitment criteria: Newbie (to official servers, or newbie in general) or player with a proven legit record, preferably 30+ yo, (but we make exceptions for as low as 21), intelligible level of English, party seekers (soloers can join too, but we dont have much to offer those), friendly and polite ppl (hence the age requirement).
What we offer (at least):
Full gear for your main up to A grade, one pet of your choice, 3 mil adena for finishing academy, friendly civil environment, freedom (you are not required to do anything, you can participate or not in clan activities at your leisure, we dont require donations, etc), possibilities to aquire yourself all the necessary gear by providing forts and farming opportunities every 5 hours as well as intense TW farming, scheduled parties for high level players, low level RB parties (for RB crystals, subs vita and newbies fast leveling), high level scheduled parties (level 76-80 for now). We dont level fast nor efficient, we like to have parties for fun, we wont "work" for our chars, but we provide an environment where leveling will take place while having fun.
Having said that:
***WARNING*** This clan is for LEGITS ! We dont allow any exception, no party with bots even if they are live (except when we give more than we take, when we help in sieges and the like), no adena buy (we provide all you need except epics and what you can aquire very easily by yourself), all chars except low level ones will have to be in our clans in order to make sure rules are respected, but, even so, we wont harass anyone, if you do feel you need to cheat in order to have fun, we will ask you to leave, no questions asked.

Yep, I know it is hardcore, but past attempts for a more conciliatory attitude meant the clan was eventually hijacked by bots and died, because I always respected the will of the majority. Better dont allow them in in the first place and ask them to leave at each hint the ppl inside might not like one or other of the rules, than let the problem fester and create bad atmosphere inside.
Clan core will work hard to create all opportunities for everybody to be able to level, equip and have fun, but we do require you to remain legit. Botting is not easy especially now, you will get much more, much safer, and much more enjoyable by staying legit with us, just not that fast.
If i convinced you, mail Miaumi, MonicaSH, Tsubasagin, Dzinha, Badtank, ImperialCat specifying the time you will be on and we will get back to you. Or you can apply in the forum, Make sure you agree with the rules ( first.

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Default Re: Franz Clan List

clan name: LittleCats
clan leader: Ekin
clan level: 9
alliance : non atm
language: we're an international clan, we have people from many countries, but clanchat language is english.
playstyle: Legit PvE clan, no wars, PvP at sieges/tw or in case of defense only.
recruiting: any class and level all the time.
We welcome all legit, nice people, preferably 20+ years old, who want just to have fun playing with friends this nice game, without any dramas. The game shouldnt affect our real life. We dont wanna be the best clan on franz,
our destination is our way:
have fun each day

To join us, please visit our forum and leave application form there. People below 40 lvl can join without applying. Make sure you've read our rules and agree.


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