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L2 Store/L2 Galleria Discuss store items in the L2 Store/L2 Galleria!

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Default Abundance Talisman Event

It may or it may not help some of you, but I will at least try to provide some feedback on the event. If I overlooked some information my apologies and please advice so I can update.

We have a new L2 Store Event this time it's around the abundance talisman, reviewing the store events on the past 12 months, this is the first Abundance Talisman Event in that period which is nice. I will make some initial comments about it and add more as I play during the event.

This is based on Chronos information.

First: We get a nice +50% Exp. boost which is appreciated. XP boost should be the norm in all L2 store events, I did a quick check of the store promos in the past 12 months and only twice I found a 50% setting, (this being one of them), do mind I have not crossed them with non-store events, but if that's the case the vitality boost is on account of the event, not the store promo.

Second: Big Vitality Packs are a good deal. At current prices, both Erupting Vitality and Vitality Maintaining Potions are 160 NCoin on the L2 store, which means you'd need to spend 16,000 Ncoins to get 50 of each. The pack sells for 4000 Coin which means a 75% discount. The pack also adds 75 Hero Coins, considering u can get a rune stone for 50 Hero Coins, the 75 Coins would have a value of around 150 million adena (each rune stone = 100m and 75 hero coins = 1.5 rune stones = 150 million adena). Last time these packs were sold I picked up one, I have always thought I should have picked up a couple more, now it's the time to do so. Beware that the potions cannot be traded or sold, so once purchased you can only use within the account.

Third: The 7 day pack and the 30 day pack are really nice. The fact that the 30 day pack has included not only the 3 200% runes, but also a 30 day Rare Accessory pack make it all worth, and on top you get 75 Hero coins (with an estimated value of 150 million adena). Prices on the Rare Accessory Pack are sure to take a dive as there will be more of them in market. Unlike other methods of acquiring those packs, the rest of the items in this pack will be surely appreciated by many players. The price discount is similar to the one we get on the Vitality pack. Do mind that the runes cannot be traded and selling them can only be done through gifting which entails high risk on one of the parties in the transaction

Fourth: Recipes, Price for level 1 was last night @700m (AH); Lvl 2 was 360m; Lvl 3 & 4 were 200m. Current NCoin to Adena exchange rates are mostly 1:1. I expect these exchange rates to move upwards to 1.2 or even 1.3 to one depending on the event's impact on demand. Assuming a 1.2:1 Exchange a Lvl 1 Recipe would be 385m, lvl 2 and above will be 192. If the exchange is lower prices can be less than that. If you stocked up on recipes for the event, it was a bad investment, specially if you put your money on Lvl 1 recipes as prices will come down. An investment tip would be to stock up on a couple of level 1 recipes and hold on to them until prices climb a bit, these investments not always pay off, for example some jewel boxes are being sold below the prices they had during the Brooch event at the moment, so mind the risk.

Fifth: The main item is the abundance box, I got my hand on a couple of them yesterday to understand what "the you can get this "or" that" description on the event page meant, and as I feared is another 100% Korean random thing, they have this list of "great rewards" you could get, there are 30+ items which could be good enough for the price paid and within that list there are 8 or so really crappy items. Guess which you end up getting?, on my 3 attempts last night I ended up paying 1,500 NCoin for 10 Giant's energy, 1 Abundance talisman Physique and some Gemstone Grade R, all in all the acquired items are of a value close to 160 - 170m adena for which I paid 1.8b (using a 1:1.2 exchange). I don't get NC Soft's logic on these events, (or I do but it's pointless to repeat it), let me just say these random events would make sense if the rewards were of a least similar value to the expense, when you rip off player by making them overpay for crappy rewards you just piss us off and add to the general discontent already existing in the community. Let me give you all my advice: DO NOT BUY THE ABUNDANCE BOX, IT'S PURE CRAP. Of course there will be players that will come and say "the event is great I opened 3 boxes and got an Abundance level 4... come on that's just bait, don't bite please

I did craft and abundance talisman level 1 last night though, it came mostly from things I already had and only a few new things (among them the recipe), so all in all the event is done for me.

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